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3 Reasons To Buy A Performance Exhaust For Your Car 

3 Reasons To Buy A Performance Exhaust For Your Car 

Upgrading your exhaust system with an aftermarket performance exhaust system comes with a myriad of benefits. If you’ve invested in a performance car, but you’re just using the factory exhaust system you’re really selling yourself short. 

Stainless Steel Performance Exhausts Are Far Better

Factory exhaust systems are generally mild steel exhaust systems which can result in rusting out after only a year or sometimes less. There is a significant difference between the metals that make one better for performance exhaust applications than the other. 

The corrosion resistance of your exhaust depends on the content of chromium and nickel found in the alloy. Ferrous stainless steel (high iron content) is used by many manufactures due to its medium strength, formability, and very low cost. This is great for the manufacturer but not great for the end user.

After market performance exhausts use corrosion resistant austenitic stainless steel for performance exhausts because of its strength and the fact it is highly resistant to rusting. Because of its low ferrous content, it can develop a golden colour when exposed to high heat over time. 

Not all performance exhausts are built equal however, so ensure you go with performance exhausts that use the highest quality material to ensure the best strength, corrosion resistance and performance.

Better Air Flow

One of the most important factors for optimal performance is air flow. Most factory-standard exhausts contain distinct bent sections of pipe, which decrease the diameter of the exhaust and can inhibit exhausts gases passing through.

Performance exhaust systems maintain a constant diameter throughout the exhaust to ensure a much consistent airflow. This improved the amount of airflow your engine receives which has a direct impact on its power output.

3 Reasons To Buy A Performance Exhaust For Your Car 

Better Fuel Economy

An aftermarket exhaust system upgrade can help ensure you’re car engine is operating as efficiently as possible. Better air flow means that your engine does not need to burn more fuel to compensate which in turn results in better fuel economy.

On the flip side if you go with an aftermarket exhaust that is too big, it can potentially cause your car to burn more fuel to keep up with the increased power. For the best results ask an expert at the performance modification shop which type of exhaust system is right for you based on what is important to you.

Better Sound 

Your new performance exhaust system will give your car a more aggressive sound. You know the one I’m talking about – a deep rumbling noise, which sounds awesome. 

The sound can vary depending on which performance exhaust system you go with and is determined by the size of the exhaust pipes you choose. 

The deep rumbling noise that comes from a performance exhaust system is created through the larger exhaust pipes it uses when compared to the average stock model.


A performance exhaust system is a great investment for your car. It improves your performance in terms of torque but it is also more durable, rust resistant, fuel efficient and let’s not forget that it sounds awesome too! When looking at aftermarket parts for your car, check out the stainless-steel performance exhausts on offer.