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4 Classic Design Elements for a Timeless Home

4 Classic Design Elements for a Timeless Home

When it comes to home interior trends, some stick around for a long time, while others disappear as often as the seasons change. While following key interior trends keeps your home looking fresh and stylish, it requires a lot of upkeep, as well as money and time.

One of the best themes to style your home to is a classic, traditional look which will stand the test of time. There are certain elements of home decor and interior styling that never date, and it’s figuring out what these are that opens the door to having a beautiful home that never goes out of style.

If you wish to try turning your back on interior trends and choose a timeless look for your home, it’s all about following an ‘evergreen’ design theme.

Here are four ideas for a home that will never age.

1. Keep color schemes neutral

As much bold and bright wall colors can inject some life into our homes, they can date within a matter of months. Think about the 70’s era, when burnt orange and rich browns were the stylish colors to have across wallpaper, paint and home furnishings.

If you had designed your home to that trend back then, just think of how often you would have had to switch this up since! Plus, if you have to ever transfer the ownership of a house to a family member, you would want the transition to be as smooth as possible for them. Bright colored walls aren’t for everyone!

Always stick to neutral colors if you can. Those creamy beige tones, bright whites, soft shell shades and even washed out greys always hold class and elegance. It doesn’t matter what trends come and go, as clean, muted walls look sophisticated all year around, presenting a perfect base for artwork if you do wish to bring in a flash of color.

2. The art of symmetry

If you are going to follow any rule, make it the rules of symmetry. As humans, our eyes are instantly drawn to symmetrical items – anything equally balance and in proportion. It makes perfect sense to bring this into our homes.

The more practical ways of bringing symmetry into the home are to assess what will work in each room. For example, use the fireplace in the living room as a central point, and place matching bookshelves or cabinets either side. Mirror vases, photo frames or flower displays at each side of the mantelpiece, to create that perfect mirror image.

Keep in mind that for this symmetry theme, pretend there is a mirror running down the center of the room, and play around with ideas that will work.

 4 Classic Design Elements for a Timeless Home

3. Tidy away technology

The most sought-after home interiors all have one thing in common: a tidy, fresh, minimalistic feel. A house free from ‘fuss’ and mess radiates a calming, relaxing home. One way to create is this to keep any technology features tucked away if possible. It’s obviously hard to do this with a TV, but these new slimline, lightweight versions can now be mounted on walls, and any home laptops or computers can sit tucked away in little desk units or sleek cabinets.

As time goes on, once bulky items like speakers and games consoles are now much more compact. This means they can now live inside drawer units, so they don’t create a mess on the floor areas. Ensure that all loose cables and wires are hidden away too. The secret of a traditional, elegant home is not to deprive yourself of having these technology items, but to utilize storage solutions which hide them.

4. Embrace natural material finishing’s

Ideally, your home will look well thought through, with a luxury touch without being too ‘premium.’ The type of materials and finishing’syou use help to create this look, in which natural materials really do help.

Try to bring in wood, stone, and silk where possible. Oak dining tables and coffee tables give a warm, homely feel, so look at these for dining rooms and living rooms. Granite worktops make an excellent choice in the kitchen, and silk and wool give that luxury appeal to cushions, throws, curtains, and bedding.

Everyone’s home is different, and as much as it’s key to have a timeless look, it’s still important to bring in aspects of your personality.

If you live in a period home or a shiny new development apartment, remember to follow the theme of the building, too. A chic modern interior in an old cottage might look out of place, and vice versa. Use the tips above for guidance, and your home will look timeless and classic for years to come!