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4 Golden Rules for Wonderful Black Business Cards

4 Golden Rules for Wonderful Black Business Cards


Black paper business cards are the one item that will immediately make your company look high-end and sophisticated. The color black, in fact, conveys reliability on the one hand, and mystery on the other. It naturally makes people want to know more about you.

The classic elegance of a black background can be the key to your success if mixed with the appropriate design. To know how to create premium black business cards with ease and give your business a highly professional allure, read on!

Use Rich Black

When printing black business cards, you absolutely do not want the black color of your business card to look washed-out. And with good reason, as 39% of potential customers revealed, on the occasion of a recent survey by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, that they would refuse to do business with someone who has a cheap-looking business card.

But how can you make your black business card stand out among other business cards with black background? We reveal to you a secret that not many know: instead of plain black, when you print your business cards you can use the so-called “rich black”. 

Rich black is a mixture of colors, composed of three parts of cyan, two parts of magenta, two parts of yellow and five parts of black. The final color will be a rich, intense black without streaks and that won’t become gray over time. Whoever said that there’s nothing like different shades of black was wrong. 

Avoid Common Mistakes

Many business owners have a pretty specific idea of the design they want for their business cards. However, unless they are already expert designers, there are some pitfalls to look out for. While the best option is always to rely on professionals such as 4OVER4 for designing and printing your black business cards, there are a couple of tips that you might find useful.

The first mistake to avoid is using a low resolution for your background image or logo. You will need to use a resolution of at least 300dpi if you want images to look definite and clearly visible.

The second most common mistake is using up all of the space available on the business cards, crowding the entire surface with text or using a border just around the edge of the card. In this regard, you should know that paper naturally moves during the process of printing and die-cutting. Always leave an empty margin of 1/16” on each side.

 4 Golden Rules for Wonderful Black Business Cards

Ensure Your Text Is Readable

Considering that each potential customer will not spend more than a few seconds looking at a business card before deciding if they are interested in your product or service, you will want to make sure that all the text — from the company name to the tagline and your contact information — is easy to read.

As a rule of thumb, never use a font size that is lower than 8 points. Important details, such as your number or email address, should be slightly bigger, whereas the tagline and company name should be in the spotlight. You may also consider bolding the most relevant information.

When it comes to picking the font, a sans serif might be the winning choice for you. In fact, sans serif fonts do not have those small lines marking the end of the letters, which might lower the readability of the text on something as small as a business card. In general, the clearest fonts that you can use are:

  • Roboto
  • Open Sans
  • Babas Neue
  • Montserrat
  • Nexa

Keep It Simple in Design

When designing a business card, it is easy to get carried away and add more text, images, or details than are truly necessary. While this is generally not a good idea, in the case of a black business card it would be an unforgivable misstep.

Make sure you add just a few, well-finished details. A colored, laminated or embroidered logo could make for modern black business cards and give extra depth to the black background. However, make sure that you only add a touch of color to avoid losing the elegance of the black color.

As for the text, white, silver and gold make for an excellent color choice. They are clearly visible and make for a tasteful choice. If you want to dare a bit more, you could opt for a bright red instead!


After reading our tips for designing the perfect black business card, it’s time you went for that high-end sophisticated or mysterious look! Bold customers have a special place in the 4OVER4 small business family.

Besides, you don’t need to figure out the design of your business cards all on your own. You could choose from hundreds of templates on their design tool and take all the credit for the outcome! It really does make everyone look like a design pro.

You will be able to choose among thousands of free templates, and stock images. When you’re done, you will automatically get a free online proof sent to your email before you print. If this isn’t smart printing, we don’t know what is. Please, share with us a picture of your new black business cards if you like.