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4 Must-Have Features for a Custom New-Build Home

Open plan kitchen

Tess Kelly

New build properties are highly popular among homeowners due to their energy efficiency and low maintenance. However, while everything is brand new, the interior can sometimes require some personalisation to make it feel like a home.

Worry not though, as you can often customise or enhance your new build home when buying off-plan so that it’s ready for when you move in. From there, you can change various aspects to improve its functionality, aesthetic, and comfort. Just remember to enquire as early as possible so you don’t miss out! 

To help you decide, we’ve listed four essential customisable features to include in your new-build home.

Open-concept floor plan

One of the more popular layouts for a new build is to create an open floor plan. The idea behind this is that you join two areas of the house together to form a much larger, grand space. The design is great for modernising the home and making it feel more spacious. 

Open floor plans also promote seamless flow between different living areas, such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. This is perfect for encouraging connectivity between family members, enabling you to chat with the kids in the living room while cooking dinner. If you’re a big fan of natural light, this open concept is great for allowing sunlight to flood in.

Room overlooking backyard

Additional storage space

Having extra places to store your belongings is always a good idea, especially if your home is prone to being messy. If the original storage space of the property doesn’t seem generous enough, why not consider installing some customised storage solutions instead?

One great example is to have fitted wardrobes installed in the bedrooms. These not only look great but they maximise the space as much as possible, keeping your home clutter-free. Other popular storage options include under-stairs storage, built-in shelving, and bespoke cabinetry.

Change the flooring and the walls

An easy way to customise your new build is to change the type of flooring and the colour of the walls. Make sure to start from the feet up, selecting your ideal flooring first, followed by the furniture before moving on to the walls.

For the floors, consider adding carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, or eco-friendly materials like cork and sustainably sourced solid wood. As for the walls, you can choose the colour of the paint, the number of sockets, and the type of lighting to be included.

For the bathroom, tile is always a solid choice for both the floor and the walls, as well as brassware fixtures. Consider the style and finish of the tiles as well as the quantity, which will then allow you to add mirrors or vanity units.

Switch up your garden space

Gardens are often the final stage of the property to be completed, should you be fortunate enough to have one included in your contract. This means that you’re more likely to be able to influence your outdoor space than the inside of your home, should construction be underway. The best way to zhuzh up your garden area is to include additional slabs, external lighting, or a patio area.