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4 Things You Should Never Do Before a House Sale

4 Things You Should Never Do Before a House Sale

Along with things that you should do before a house sale, there are also things you should never do before selling your house. If you follow these rules meticulously, you’ll get quite the number of potential buyers and a high chance of getting your house sold. 

We all know that getting all the paperwork and admin work to sell your house is tedious. After all that, it only makes sense that you want to sell your house as quickly as possible and without less hassle. While selling your house depends on factors you have no control over, like the location, the market, or the real estate trends in your area, there are things you can actively do.

However, we won’t be talking about those things. Instead, we will be delving deep into the things you should proactively avoid before making a house sale. Treat these things like the kryptonite of a house sale. The more you have it, the lesser chance you’ll have in selling your house.

Don’t Show Your Everyday Life

The first thing you should do in a house sale is to make your potential buyers fall in love with your house and the lifestyle they could have in it. In a house viewing, buyers tend to imagine how they would spend a significant portion of their lives or the entirety of their lives in the house.

Remember, each of us has a different kind of lifestyle, and if they don’t like yours, you don’t have to show it to them during a house viewing. When you’re taking photos, try to minimize the clutter you have around the house. Go tidy up and possibly clean beforehand.

You can do things like getting out all of your clothes in the drying line if you have one. If you have kids, don’t let their toys clutter the area. Moreover, no paperwork should be left lying around at any desk. And of course, you should have your beds made.

Never Neglect Repairs

A new set of eyes touring around the house will likely notice the things you have stopped noticing years ago, like needed repairs. Before having any buyers around, see if there are things that you need to repair before making a house sale. Doing this will help you calculate the value of your house and price it accordingly. If buyers see these repairs during a house viewing and decide it is too much of a hassle to renovate, the deal will be over. 

If the repairs are not much of an issue and you can be done yourself, do it now. Or, you can hire the services of a professional to do the work for you. Fixing obvious problems can increase your chances of having your house sold. 

But if it’s too late, try to be more transparent about it to your buyer. If not, you would be wasting both of your time during a home inspection.

 4 Things You Should Never Do Before a House Sale

Setting an Unrealistic Price for Your Home

Whether you are working with an agent or doing it yourself, assessing the value and accordingly pricing it is the key to increase the chances of getting your house sold.

If you asked an agent’s help before buying it in the past or are planning to hire one to calculate net proceeds from a home sale, you must know about comparable market analysis. The comparable market analysis is an excellent way to determine a house’s fair price.

That said, setting an ultra-high price for your house will turn away most buyers. Not because they can’t afford it, but because they are unwilling to buy a house from someone scammy. Imagine yourself in their shoes. Do you want to buy a house from someone who artificially jacked the price up of their house? Of course not.

Even if they don’t know that its price is artificially increased, overpriced homes generally have low chances of selling. That said, don’t worry about pricing your house on the low side because that’s a good strategy. This will land you a lot of buyers, and when that happens, they will bid the price up in an attempt to purchase your house. 

Don’t Be Negative

If you are planning to do a house viewing yourself with a potential buyer, don’t be negative about your home. Most buyers will ask for reasons why you’re moving away. 

Don’t say negative things that can leave a wrong impression on them, such as your house not being near an excellent school or the neighbors are noisy. Instead, focus on the positive side, such as moving closer to where you work or moving closer to family. Anything positive will do, as long as it’s true, of course.


There are many things you should never do before a house sale, but the things mentioned above are some of the things you should avoid. Selling a house is tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Getting a potential buyer is hard enough, and surely you don’t want them to say no to your home because of doing things you’re not supposed to do.