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4 Tips on How to Decide which Wall Art to Choose

4 Tips on How to Decide which Wall Art to Choose

i29 / Ewout Huibers

Wall art is what finishes your home. That little extra detail that can pull a space together. It adds a personal touch. There is so much wall art available on the market there is always a print that represents you. This could be a nice photo of your favorite holiday destination, pet, art or anything else you feel bonded with. But there is so much to choose from, what fits you best? Here are 4 tips to help you decide which wall art to choose for your home. If you want to do some browsing first, a nice collection of wall art can be found at CanvasConquest.

Which room will be decorated?

Each room in your house has a specific ambiance. It’s best to decide first in which room you want to hang wall art. After you have chosen which room you want to decorate, you can ask yourself: “which ambiance is already represented here.” As an example, one can imagine that a bedroom should have a calm ambiance. Our sleep benefits from cold colors. For that reason, it’s most likely decorated and painted in colder colors. This is because colder colors represent calmness. For a living room, you could choose to use something more vibrant with warm colors. Warmer colors fit better in such areas. To wrap it up, which room to decorate affects which color wall art to choose. Now that we have decided which room to decorate, let’s move on to the next tip!

Choose the size

Wall art comes in a large variety of sizes. Starting at very small, it moves up to very large. Some art measures over 10ft! While this may be a bit too large for you, it shows that there is no limit in options. Go to the room where you want to hang your decoration and measure the space available. After measuring, we know what is possible, and what is not in terms of sizing. If you want a glance of how a specific size will look on your wall, best is to take some paper tape. Tape the size you consider on your wall. Take a step back and see how it looks. You can experiment with it. Keep taping until you think, this is it! This is the size my wall art should be! When this point is reached, it’s time to move to the next tip.

 4 Tips on How to Decide which Wall Art to Choose

Choosing the number of panels

There are lots of options when it comes to number of panels. Basically, wall art can exist out of an endless number of panels. The most classic is the one panel. I’m pretty sure you have come across it somewhere. A bit less seen is the triptych variant, one of my personal favorites. For those who don’t know what triptych is, It’s one image printed on three different panels making one large image. So the image is separated over the three panels. It creates a beautiful effect. You can also choose the pattern of the panels, there are multiple shapes on the market. Most known are: the wave and the diamond shape. Typically wall art with more panels tends to be more expensive. If you’re on a budget, I recommend looking in to the one-panel options.

 Choosing the image for your wall art

Keep the ambiance from tip one in mind. This helps us narrow down what we exactly are looking for. Next good thing to ask yourself, do you want art, an illustration or photo on your wall art? Again, this helps us a lot narrowing down our search. Most of the websites have filters. You can set filters as: color, subject etc. Now it’s time start browsing. It can be a bit overwhelming at first. But I’m sure pretty soon you will get a pretty good idea what wall art is perfect for you. If you are having a hard time finding something, check Pinterest. They offer lots of examples and ideas. Keep in mind; you have time. You don’t have to make a decision overnight. It’s import you find something you love!