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4 Ways To Fill Your Home With Good Energy

4 Ways To Fill Your Home With Good Energy

Ideally, people want their homes to feel like a safe haven. This is especially true since most people are already spending more time in their homes than usual. A home that feels like a safe haven means that every corner of the property is exuding and inviting good vibes and positive energy. What’s more, being surrounded by positive energy can actually be beneficial for both the mind and body. 

For instance, having constant positive vibes promotes relaxation since it also entails that our room is organized, hence, you won’t get stressed out with the prospect of arranging things around. Additionally, it’s said that inviting positive energy in your home may also increase your lifespan, prevent the common cold, reduce the risk of cardiovascular decline, and lower the rate of depression, among many others.

Due to the reasons mentioned, it’s safe to say that no one wants to have a home that purely emits negative energy; instead, it should exude positive vibes in every corner. If this piques your curiosity, you’re in the right place as this article will talk about some ways to fill your home with good energy. 

1. Have The Right Colors

There are multiple studies that show how colors may affect your mood. Whether there’s really a connection between colors and your mood, it’s best to stay on the safe side and implement proper color psychology. Hence, if the dominant colors in your home drain your energy, like gray and brown, then it’s time to change the overall theme. 

It’s believed that both orange and red offer a great energy boost. Hence, it’s best if you incorporate these colors into the living room or in your study/working area so you won’t get easily tired. However, take note that these are very vibrant, so it’s not necessary to paint the entire walls either orange or red. Instead, you can use accents of both colors so you can invite excitement and some positive energy into your living space. 

Furthermore, blue and green are said to help people calm down or de-stress. This means that using these colors all over your bedroom or restroom will invite a more calming atmosphere. Hence, you’ll feel grounded and more relaxed as you enter the room. 

2. Incorporate Crystals In Your Design

Now that you’re already settled on the different colors to use, then do note that crystals can be an excellent option to add some colors here and there. Additionally, crystals may be the perfect addition to your entire home décor, especially if you’re aiming to invite good energy, since they may absorb and recalibrate negative energy in your home.

To give you a brief idea, here are some of the best crystals to add to your home:

  • Charoite: Crystals with violate rays, large pieces of charoite are said to help someone overcome exhaustion and stimulate blood pressure, making one a nice addition in your bedroom. Additionally, charoite is said to strengthen the body’s immune system, which may help you fight illnesses and diseases.
  • Clear Quartz: Since it’s said to absorb and clear negative energy in the home, clear quartz, generally, strengthen positive energy. In addition, it may also help reduce the feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear. This being said, it’s best if the quartz is placed in an area where you need a clear, fresh energy, such as the study, kitchen, or in the main living space. 
  • Jade: This famous green crystal is said to help promote closeness among friends and family, as well as provide mindfulness. Additionally, jade is also said to attract good health and fortune, as well as help you feel supported and grounded. 
  • Tiger’s Eye: This crystal is best placed around your house’s doors since it may protect your home from unwanted visitors, and negative entities or energies. Also, a tiger’s eye may help you create balanced energy, motivating you to clear all your goals, which is why it’s also best if it’s placed in your home office. 

 4 Ways To Fill Your Home With Good Energy

3. Hang Images That Fill Your Mind With Joy

Speaking of visual stimulants, like the two mentioned above, another way to fill your home with positive energy is to hang images that spark your mind with joy. This can be in the form of happy family pictures, your unforgettable trip to a foreign land, adorable pictures of your baby, or artworks done by your favorite artists. 

By hanging images, you’re reminded of the fun times you had the moment you enter the room. This means that as you get a glance at the pictures, you may smile due to the happy memories you’ve collected, which will ultimately change your mood. As a tip, choose frames that go well with the overall design of the room. This way, you get to keep the aesthetics you want in your home, while also having a little personalization, making the room a true safe haven for you.

4. Aromatherapy

This last way to fill your home with good energy may be different from the first three since it doesn’t really talk about physical decor. Still, even though your sense of sight isn’t activated, triggering your olfactory senses can also bring in positive and good energy. Besides, you don’t want to walk in a well-designed room, yet doesn’t really have a relaxing and positive smell—it would defeat the entire purpose. 

Given that the sense of smell is subjective (some may like the smell of vanilla, while others don’t), what you want your house to smell like is completely up to you, as long as it smells good. As a start, you can invest in the type of essential oil that you like, along with a diffuser. Simply place a few drops of the essential oil in the diffuser so you’ll have in-home aromatherapy. 

In addition to sending waves of positive scent, many diffusers available in the market also come with various designs, which means you won’t have any trouble finding the one that suits your preference and style. Also, to save on money and avoid the clashing of scents, it’s best if you place the diffuser strategically, like in the corners where two rooms intersect. 

Final Words

Take note that when everything is in its proper place, your home will feel more peaceful, too. This means that you must never forget the importance of decluttering and organizing. If you don’t have sufficient time to fully organize everything, you can simply take it one room per week or allocate at least 10 minutes each evening. Eventually, by doing so, your home will feel less chaotic, inviting a place for relaxation and, most importantly, bring in positive, good energy.