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5 Features of an Attractive Rental Property

5 Features of an Attractive Rental Property

Newcomers entering the property market quickly realise that being a landlord involves more than just collecting rent payments. You also have to be a salesman, supervisor, maintenance person and yes – an advertiser. The last one is particularly important if you want to attract high-quality tenants who pay on time and keep your property in order.

Now ideally, you’d have your real estate in the ideal location at an ideal price with an ideal list of features and amenities. But the reality is usually far from ideal. The best any landlord can do is make their property a more compelling option. Below are some of the most effective ways to do this. 

A Good Listing

No matter how great your property is in reality, most people will see it through online listings first, which means yours need to be well-written and well-photographed. This starts with the headline. Aim to attract and entice in as few words as possible. Your description should be the same – clear and concise. Don’t forget to provide all the relevant contact details.

In a similar vein, be sure to take high-quality pictures that create visual interest. Avoid leaving anything to the imagination. More is better here. These days, you can even include videos and virtual tours to further draw people in. The assistance of professional property management could be hugely beneficial if you want to avoid the headaches of managing everything yourself. For example, a rental agency operating in Denver will deal directly with the tenants, saving landlords a great deal of time and money during the entire rental process.

 5 Features of an Attractive Rental Property

Regular Maintenance

Make it clear that the property is in good hands – and follow through with that claim. Performing regular maintenance not only gives tenants peace of mind but also makes fixing, cleaning and staging much easier. Moreover, keeping things in check will likely save you money in the long run as you’ll be carrying out fewer repairs. 


Potential tenants should know that they’ll be safe on your property. Consider measures such as deposit protection, security gates, and smoke detectors. Not only will tenants feel safer, you’ll also be safeguarding your investment. Insurance is an especially important factor here. 

Given the wide range of providers specialising in buy to let you’ll want to compare landlord insurance to find the most suitable one for your specific property. Websites like Quotezone allow you to compare landlord insurance across the most reputable providers. Their informative guide on the topic and simple quote process makes this much easier. 

 5 Features of an Attractive Rental Property

Value-Adding Features

There are many upgrades and value-adding features you can implement to broaden the appeal of your property and aim it towards the more desirable end of the market. This includes modern lighting, additional storage space, quality appliances, and an alarm system. Asking tenants for recommendations can help you identify what your property needs.

Helpful Management

High-quality tenants look for high-quality landlords. Being one is largely a matter of having top-notch communication skills. Make sure that you’re easy to reach and always available to help. No less important is being a good listener. In fact, that can prove rather useful when it comes to screening tenants and determining whether they’re the right fit.

Making your property more attractive is all about putting in the time and effort. A great offer will attract great tenants, which makes for a great investment.