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5 Home Interior Trends People are Tired of Seeing

Not all new design trends are created equal. That’s not to say that everything on this list should never be considered for your home, just maybe not every home. With the current trend of reselling houses over and over, it’s sometimes hard to find a new home that hasn’t had one of these poorly-thought-out projects done at some point in an effort to raise the resale value. Some of these projects work better with particular types of homes depending on how it was built and foundation specifics.

When it comes to slab foundations, as is the case with the majority of the homes in Florida, some of these projects can ruin it or render it a much less desirable space in the end.  So if you’ve taken advantage of a flat fee MLS in Florida and found your dream home, you’ll want to stay far away from some of these projects. 

Word Art

Unfortunately, when the Live Love Laugh signs have become the butt of their own joke it might be time to retire the quirky word art. If you think about it, all the word art is just Home Sweet Home with a new coat of paint. And that’s fine, there’s going to come a time in all of our lives when we’re ready for some Home Sweet Home placards. Chalkboard paint is still okay, though everything in moderation. You can still leave fun messages for your loved ones, and it will change with your mood. 

 5 Home Interior Trends People are Tired of Seeing

Edison Bulbs

You may not see them as often in residential construction, but the outbreak of every new chic bar across the nation with their reclaimed barn wood and Edison bulbs has really killed the unique factor of these once-quirky light fixtures. They’re also pretty wasteful when it comes to electricity usage, and you very rarely just see one Edison bulb. Often they’re draped in mass over dining spaces or bundled into fixtures. The truth is a handful of these bulbs can use as much energy as a toaster. There’s also a reason the design went out of style: they’re not that bright. They do provide a warmer light than modern LED bulbs, but with less lumens. 

Open Floor Plans

Yes, they can be nice and really open up a space, but not every single house out there needs an open floor plan. While in most structures it’s not the end of the world, there are some poorly flipped houses out there that have been just opened up to no real end beside it being the trend. When the downsides do present themselves, it might be too late. Walls are buttresses against a lot of things besides the view. Mostly, they help dampen noise throughout the house. Suddenly you can hear every bump from the other side of the house because there’s not as much there to buffer the vibrations. For homes with expanding soil and slab foundations, removing walls can increase cracking and splitting in paint and corners. 

 5 Home Interior Trends People are Tired of Seeing

Painted Brick

At some point along the line, someone thought that the nice exposed and warm brick finish needed to fit into another design plan and either whitewashed it or painted it with another matt finish. While for the moment, it can seem like a really great way to brighten up that fireplace or exposed wall, the truth is once you paint brick there’s no returning. The paint leeches into the porous brick where it can never really be removed. It also takes a fake bit of upkeep to maintain, as in it needs to be repainted every few years or so. Prepping brick to paint can be extremely labor-intensive and if the surface moisture isn’t completely removed the paint will just bubble and peel off. 

High-End Custom Installs

This is a broader no-no, but it’s one of the most important. Not only will highly customized additions to your home likely cost far more, there’s also a chance they will actually decrease the value of your home. What works perfectly for you may be a nightmare for the next homeowner. This applies to bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere you’re installing electronics. Home theaters are one of the worst investments, and while it might make you popular with the neighbors’ kids for some time, it’s only going to need to be replaced or removed in the long run. 

Customized master baths are one of the most expensive upgrades that will likely increase the value of your home by next to nothing. There’s nothing wrong with updating and getting rid of old fixtures, just use a little caution when choosing new fixtures and tile and go with something with a broad appeal. Not everyone loves vessel sinks.