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5 Methods to Get the Home of Your Dreams

5 Methods to Get the Home of Your Dreams

Barbara Corsico

Your home should be an expression of who you are, and a place where you and your family can make memories and build your lives within. This means that, when looking to move out, many families want to invest in their dream home. Whether you are a first-time buyer or are looking to move up the property ladder, here are the best methods that you should utilize in order to get the home of your dreams.

Build Your Own Home

Have you been searching for a while but are unable to find the home to match your individual vision? If this is the case, consider the advantages of designing and building your own property. This is a popular option in the USA, due to the fact that the cheapest home-build is around $100,000, and land in most states costs between $20,000-$50,000. Not only this but employing home builders to help you to create a new build for your family means that you will be able to curate a home that suits your family’s needs and that facilitates the vision that you have always imagined your home to be.

 5 Methods to Get the Home of Your Dreams

Buy to Renovate

If you want to start with a blank page when it comes to home design and layout, you should think about buying to renovate. Although many potential homeowners renovate houses with the foresight to sell them for a profit in the future, it is possible to buy run-down or dilapidated homes as a project, which you can then house your family in when the renovations are complete. Not only will this allow you to buy a home for the fraction of the cost of what your dream home may be marketed as, but this will enable you to have control over the aesthetics and facilities of the home. 

Look For a Suitable Loan

For many families, it is possible to buy their dream home- but only if you have the right deposit. Then, in order to invest in the property that you have always dreamed of, you should look into the loan options that are available for first-time buyers. Although the most traditional type of home loan is a mortgage, the FHA also provides housing loan options for first-time buyers which ask for a much lower deposit compared to banks and other institutions.

 5 Methods to Get the Home of Your Dreams

Pay off a Starter Home

Another way to buy the home of your dreams is to progress up the housing ladder by investing in a starter home first. Although this is a longer process than securing a loan immediately, this will aid you in getting onto the property ladder. Paying off your starter home loan is possible with over 37% of Americans living mortgage-free. Paying this off before buying another property will mean that you have fewer financial commitments when progressing to a larger, more lavish home. This will also increase your credit score, showing banks that you are reliable when paying off large mortgages.

Make Home Improvements

However, if there are only a few issues with the property in question, DIY could transform your home beyond recognition. For instance, if you need more space to turn your home into a dream property, you could consider investing in an extension, which is more viable when paying the smaller mortgage of a starter home.