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5 Modern Home Security Features

The home security industry has gotten simultaneously more sophisticated and more affordable over the last several years and there are so many great products and services on the market to make fortifying your home easier and more comprehensive. Below are 5 modern home security features to have as the foundation of your home safety and defence strategy.

Doorbell Cam

The doorbell cam is becoming increasingly common and is even replacing the traditional front door CCTV or dome camera that many people have used as the first point of contact with their home security system. Door cameras are popular because they are relatively inconspicuous and provide home-owners with an intimate view of their front door, often via mobile application that can be accessed from anywhere.

They have also come down in price considerably over the last several years, meaning they are not only home security features for the wealthy, but are accessible at a variety of price points and for a wide range of consumers.

Finger Scan Locks

Finger scan locks are another modern home security feature that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Finger scanning and other bio-recognition technology are now built into a variety of the devices we use in our daily lives, including new generation mobile phones and laptop computers. Finger scan locks typically also feature traditional key locks or keypad locks so that should the technology falter, you are not locked out of your home.

finger scan locks are programmable so that every family member or occupant of a house is able to use the lock with their unique fingerprint. They are both a reliable way of adding an extra layer of security to your main entry points and are there for convenience should you find yourself locked out. Keep in mind that these devices typically require batteries to operate.

 5 Modern Home Security Features

DIY Surveillance Cams

If you don’t feel like buying a security camera or camera system, you can always make one. DIY surveillance cameras have become highly popular, and the hardware required to install and place them around and inside and outside of your home is readily available and inexpensive. DIY cams are for people who want visual surveillance on a budget, or for people who have some technical knowhow and want to be able to better customize their camera system.

The best things about DIY surveillance cameras is that they can be put together quite quickly. You can even design it to be motion-activated if you like. You will need some tools for the installation, including a cordless drill, screws and perhaps a mount for the hardware. Whether you decide on a professionally-installed system or are confident you can put one together on your own, know that the majority of former burglars contend that CCTV cameras are one of the main deterrents for thieves.

Window and Door Sensors 

Window and doors sensors are also heavily relied upon for home security, particularly for people living in detached homes, townhomes and on the ground floor of apartment buildings. Many people also put these signs on their front lawns or near their points of entry letting any would-be thieves know that it is not even worth their time to try breaking in because the alarm will sound and the police will be notified automatically.

Motion Sensing Lights

Modern motion-sensing lights often come as part of a package deal that includes a camera that also activates along with the light. People put these strategically at the entrance to their driveway, near their front door, or hidden in the garden.

They are useful because a light suddenly coming on and illuminating the presence of a burglar is immediately uncomfortable for them. Thieves want to be able to break in under the cover of darkness, and motion sensing lights are a great way to stop criminals in their tracks.


You can make your home secure with some minor investments in modern home tech that will instantly give you peace of mind knowing that it is now much more difficult for intruders to remain unseen and unheard. Simply the threat of being captured on video or observed by a neighbour or passerby is often enough to discourage anyone thinking about breaking and entering. Keep the above modern home security features in mind and provide you and your family with the fortification you all deserve.