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5 really cool tips to make your Spotify experience better  


When it comes to streaming music platforms, only one name comes to our mind and that is of course Spotify. It’s an enormous and most popular platform that streams millions of songs made by various talented artists. And with popularity comes the competition, it’s just too easy to get lost in. We agree that getting popular on Spotify is like a dream come true but it is quite hard; unless you do it all right, advertise yourself, and build a good follower base. 

Gaining fans, that too organically isn’t easy as it seems, but of course, it’s not impossible, to make it possible you just need the right strategies and obviously great music. And due to its immense popularity, Spotify is the best place for budding artists to gain opportunities plus a stable source of income. So if you believe your music is great and want to attain the fame you rightfully deserve–here are some cool tips that will make your journey to grow your presence on Spotify smooth and easy. 

Taking advantage of different social media platforms

Let’s start with the most popular tip that can easily increase your fanbase on Spotify and that is using different social media platforms. Social media can be a great source to drive traffic to your Spotify page and gain loyal fans. So make sure you stay active on different social media platforms, engage with your audience, and make them a part of your journey, in order to gain followers on Spotify and understand your audience. 

Share your playlist and encourage your followers to follow you on Spotify. You can share behind the scenes or progress of your tracks to excite your audience. Add the link of your Spotify playlist in the bio section of all your social media platforms. Other than that you can join various groups on Facebook and Reddit where you can share your music. Reddit can be another great platform, as the user engagement is really high there. Join music-related discussions, join conversations and provide useful insights before promoting your work to make sure that the playlist link that you share won’t get lost in that noise. 

Collaborate with other Artists

Collaborating with musicians in the same genre can be another great way to expand your fanbase, as it will help you in expanding your reach. And collaboration won’t necessarily mean that you have to make a soundtrack together, you can also just get your tracks added to other artists’ albums or you can just promote the work of other artists in return for them sharing your work. Recommending each other work is a great way to increase your exposure and grow your fanbase. 

Building a network with other music creators will not just help you with exposure but it will also help you improve the quality of your music, find artists who have the same goals or interest, and are in the same genre as you. Collaborating and creating music together, both of you will be promoting that song to your respective fanbase which will lead to exposure from the cumulative following. Hence you can easily find artists that agree upon collaboration. 

 5 really cool tips to make your Spotify experience better  

Interesting Album cover

This is the first thing anyone sees before clicking on that follow or play button, having interesting and unique artwork will attract potential audiences and make them check out your album. You might be thinking it’s not that big of a deal, but let me tell it is. There are many popular albums, whose album cover is unique and interesting, which does play an important role in getting more streams and plays. It will show how well established an artist you are, and you don’t have to empty your pocket to have an interesting album cover because any normal picture can be used if you add your creativity to it. The same goes for the playlist cover, so make sure the artwork is interesting and relatable at the same time. 

Connect with a local business

If you are just starting out it might get hard to get people to listen to your tracks but today’s generation focuses more on popularity. So to create familiarity, you have to start from your own town. If you know any retail store, restaurant, cafe, etc personally, you can ask them to add your songs to their playlist or just offer them to make a playlist for them. So whoever visits that cafe or store will be able to enjoy your music and get familiar with it. And if they like your music then they are most probably going to listen to it again. 

This will help you strengthen your local fan base, hence your plays and streams will grow too. It can be another great organic source of traffic, where you just need to put one-time effort.

Use third-party services

And now we’ve reached our final tip to improve your Spotify experience, unlike the past Spotify tips, you’ll need to spend a few bucks on this tip since it is a paid method of boosting your Spotify reputation. But you should try this method only after you’ve tried all the other organic/ free methods available. 

This method has its pros and cons but it’s not against Spotify terms and conditions, so you won’t lose your account if you decide to buy Spotify streams for your profile. But you’ll just have to be extra careful while purchasing packages since there are a lot of websites that don’t offer what they promise to do, and it’s rather hard to tell which website is genuine and which is fake, so make sure to perform adequate research, read reviews and put efforts while choosing a website. 

Third-party service can help you increase your fanbase on Spotify within a few days, especially if you put your time and effort to choose a genuine site