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5 Reasons To Decorate Your Space With A Meditation Pillow

5 Reasons To Decorate Your Space With A Meditation Pillow

Decorating your home is something fun and wonderful, unique only to your own designing sensibilities. But sometimes the turmoil and stress of the world can really get to you. At those times, going home for some relaxation can really help. Your home should represent a sanctum away from all of that. Finding your inner zen is easy with the right furniture. Look no further than a meditation pillow for the ultimate in centering comfort. Accessorizing your room with these kinds of pillows can make for a comfy, inspiring, and ultimately calming experience. Not to mention using them to practice deep breathing exercises and other meditation techniques. Here are a few reasons to decorate your space with the best meditation pillow soon.

Enhances Home Decor

A great way to find peace of mind and comfort in your own home is to create a space to call your own. This includes designing it to whatever your aesthetic sensibilities might be as well as creating positive vibes within your own environment. Adding a couple of accent pillows or throw pillows to your couch or bed can help. Surprisingly enough, interior decorating can have a substantial effect on your mood. Your surroundings can impact your mood depending on room color, position of items in the room, accoutrements, pictures on the wall, and even furniture placement. A small touch such as a meditation pillow can definitely go a long way in improving the quality of your home decor. Ultimately, it just depends on what fits with your aesthetic, interests, and presentation.

Ideal For Practicing Meditation

A meditation pillow is usually crescent or oval shaped in its design and construction. It’s also designed to be very comfortable and feel good against the skin. Usually this is accomplished through a knitted cover that features a pattern of some kind, typically waves. Using it to practice meditation is pretty much it’s intended purpose. One of the best ways to leverage your meditation pillow to your own practices is to figure out what poses you’d like to use for meditating and use your pillow appropriately. If you prefer the lotus pose, you can sit on it in the lotus position and stay comfortable for quite a long time. If you use a kneeling pose when you meditate, it’s easy to kneel on the pillow to take some of the strain off of your legs and knees. That way you don’t end up with a bunch of knee/joint pain while trying to find peace. You could also use it for lying on your back, lying prone on your stomach, or just using it for the traditional cross-legged sitting position. Since you’ll be seated for quite some time as you meditate, the pillow is designed to make you comfortable.

 5 Reasons To Decorate Your Space With A Meditation Pillow

Support A More Natural Sleeping Position

In addition to helping you practice your meditation better, a good pillow will also assist with supporting a more natural sleeping position. Strong evidence suggests that meditation itself can help you sleep better. It quiets the mind and improves focus, both of which can help you get to sleep better. Moreover, meditation can increase serotonin and melatonin levels in your brain which ultimately results in altering your mood to a more peaceful, relaxed one. Meditation benefits from a quiet space that is both familiar and comfortable. Using your meditation pillow in this space is ideal for preparing yourself for sleep. You can also use the pillow to support yourself as you sleep which will help you sleep a little bit better. There are no perfect methods for getting a better night’s sleep, but hopefully the combination of meditation and a great meditation pillow will help contribute to you finally getting enough Z’s.

Made From Sustainable Materials

Today’s world offers tremendous convenience and access to various goods like never before in our history. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes at the cost of natural resources and other materials. Getting an organic meditation pillow can be a great way to do your part in protecting our environment and living more sustainably. An environmentally friendly pillow made with an organic cotton inner liner and buckwheat hulls for the filling (which are also refillable) isn’t just a great value, it’s great for the environment too. Best of all, you don’t have to contend with nasty things like formaldehyde and other dangerous compounds that you might find in other furniture with a sustainable pillow — especially if it uses gots certified materials in its construction.

Small Size Fits With Any Space

While the vast array of benefits you receive from using a meditation pillow are pretty clear, there’s one you may not have considered: the diminutive size of the pillow that allows it to fit in basically any space. Regardless of whether you meditate in a room, your office, or a dedicated spot/workout space your pillow will fit perfectly alongside everything else in the area. If it’s just for decorative purposes, a nice, well-crafted crescent or oval shaped pillow will go well with just about any couch, sofa, loveseat, or chair. That’s the beauty of a meditation pillow; it looks good, adds a touch of class, and ultimately proves useful for those times when you need to find a little bit of peace at the end of a long day.