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5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your New House In A Village

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your New House In A Village

What comes to your mind when you think of a village? To make it more personal, what mental picture do you have of your village? A lot of people associate hills and valleys, farmlands and barns, gardens and livestock, and so on, with rural areas. People who live in the city envy those in the village because those in the village do not have to experience the hustle and bustle that city people face daily. Amidst the quietude and simplicity that you stand to enjoy by staying in the village, a lot of people still choose the city over the village when it comes to choosing a place to build, buy, or rent a house. If you are having double minds about whether or not to build a house in the village, this article details five solid reasons why you should build your house in the village.

1. Space

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, the American Community Survey, only 3% of the United States land mass makes up the urban areas, yet over 80% of the country’s population have filled up this 3% land. This is why it feels like the urban areas are overpopulated. Building your house in a rural area gives you plenty of space. Your property is big enough to do whatever you wish to do. So you can have other facilities like a gym or a fish pond on your property without having to do a minimalist design. Another advantage of the expansive space that accompanies owning a property in a rural area is that your house can be as big as you want. You can customize your house any way you want. Sometimes, people do not know what to know with such large spaces, but it is no problem. You can contact professionals such as Sacramento custom home builders that can help you convert your ideas into a reality. 

2. Price

The real estate market in the suburbs is scanty and less competitive. A large bulk of people are relocating to the city. So the cost of buying materials to build your house will be lesser when compared to the cost in urban areas. This means that building a house in the village offers more value for your money. Other than the cost of building a house, the cost of living in a village is also relatively low compared to staying in a smaller apartment in the city.

 5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your New House In A Village

3. Community

In the city, people are known to mind their business and keep themselves. Everyone goes to work, comes back, stays indoors, and entertains a few friends and family once in a while. However, staying in the village exposes you to a community. You get to build relationships with your neighbors. You can also work close to home instead of waiting on the subway to travel kilometers away from your house to go to work. Although there are fewer major restaurants in villages, people who live there have more to eat.

4. Peace

Building your house in the village allows you to escape from the air and noise population that people who live in the city suffer. The sight of fertile lands and beautiful landscape coupled with a breath of fresh air will benefit your mental and physical health. Being in contact with nature will improve your memory and creativity. It will also reduce your blood pressure and anxiety levels. Crime rates in the city are much more than crime rates in the village.

5. Unrestraint

Because of the population in the urban areas, there are a lot of restrictions that are placed on building a house. This means that if you are building a house in the city, despite the large amount that will be invested in building, you also have to make sure that you abide by these restrictions else you find yourself paying heavy fines. However, there is much freedom if you are building in the village. As long as you are not breaking government laws or causing an environmental hazard, there are very few restrictions left for you to abide by.  

Final word 

Building a house in the city helps you to save money and you can invest this money into ventures that will help you save more money. You could rear chickens or turkeys and sell them during festive periods. You can even go a step further to rear livestock like cows or goats. No one will stop you from having a farm on your property. Also, your house is yours and no one can take it from you. You can have your family come over during holidays and your generations can live in the house when you pass on.