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5 Steps to Hosting a Fun Summer BBQ Post Pandemic

5 Steps to Hosting a Fun Summer BBQ Post Pandemic

Julia M Cameron from Pexels

One of the many joys of summer is the smell of fresh BBQ food! Hosting a BBQ requires more preparation than just marinated meat. Although things were different last summer, this one can be close to normal as government restrictions gradually reduce.

Toronto Public Health shares that Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems need to be appropriately maintained to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. So, if you’re planning to host a BBQ, make sure you’re ready in every aspect.

1. Maximize HVAC Efficiency

Once everyone gets tired of hanging out in the backyard, getting a tan and enjoying their cocktails, they might want to go inside to cool down under the air conditioner. Imagine the disappointment of your guests if the AC doesn’t work! To avoid that, you may need to hire a furnace repair professional for seasonal maintenance. Ensuring that the AC works properly is one of the key steps to hosting a BBQ.

When the scorching sun shines bright, and people start to sweat, they will step inside for some air. So, even if your AC is working, make sure you clean out the filter or hire professional help for maintenance. Better to be safe than sorry. In addition, a functioning HVAC system will increase outdoor air exchange, and high-efficiency filters will enable the system to work better to reduce the risk of germ spread.

 5 Steps to Hosting a Fun Summer BBQ Post Pandemic

2. Show Off Your Lockdown Cooking Skills

When the pandemic started and many countries were in lockdown, many people developed a new hobby – cooking. As quarantine food trends such as dalgona coffee, pancake cereal, and hot chocolate bombs got popular, people felt encouraged to experiment with different recipes.

Whether you spent time perfecting a bread recipe or exploring a food trend, it’s time to share your findings with your guests. Try out unique BBQ dishes and leave your guests craving more.

3. Play with the Yard Setting

Sitting alongside your friends and family can be a lot more enjoyable if the setting is intriguing. You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate a place. Think about lighting, napkins, and cutlery. You could choose a theme or find cute products to spread around the yard. Find discounted products or items that you can reuse for your next BBQ.

 5 Steps to Hosting a Fun Summer BBQ Post Pandemic

4. Set Up Yard Games to Stay Busy

While people wait for the food to cook, they might talk amongst themselves and eventually get bored. Arrange some party games beforehand to keep everyone busy. You could have different games for kids and adults. Adult games could include activities that don’t stop them from socializing. Kids can play games that keep them occupied and bond with other children.

5. Let the Party Go on After Sunset

Try not to call it a night as soon as the sun sets, and the cool breeze starts to hit. Although BBQs are more common during the day, there are joys of letting it continue at night. You already have cooked food, the sun isn’t hitting your skin, and you can enjoy your drinks without feeling guilty about day drinking! If you want to kick things up a notch, make some smores and pretend you are out camping. It can be fun for both you and your kids.

Hosting a summer BBQ is a joyful experience that you can improve by putting some thought into it. Find out the government restrictions in your area and follow the guidelines before planning the ultimate day of fun!