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5 Tips on Caring for Your Car and Prolong Its Battery

5 Tips on Caring for Your Car and Prolong Its Battery

The functionality of your battery will inevitably decline as time goes by. However, you can save yourself a pretty coin by practicing some maintenance tips that could extend your car battery life. Generally, car batteries last for 2 to 5 years. However, this may depend on other factors like weather, the reason why car batteries in warm areas last for a short period. Many car battery Singapore companies offer battery care information and a variety of good quality car batteries.

Check out these five tips below on how you can extend your car battery life

1. Take good care of your entire car

Since the battery is just but a fraction of a well-functioning car, you should ensure that you keep other parts of your vehicle in good shape as well. All these parts work together for optimal performance of your vehicle.

You can start by properly storing your vehicle and taking your car for routine servicing.  The engine should especially be healthy because it has a direct bearing on battery life.

You might also be doing everything to prolong your car battery life, but if the alternator has a problem, your battery will continue dying frequently. Your car battery can never charge effectively if the alternator is defective.  You could also have a mechanic check it for you.

2. Reduce short trips and using power when the engine is off

Your car battery is not able to charge fully during short trips. Eventually, the battery of your car becomes depleted to the extent that you may not be able to start your vehicle. If possible, limit short rides, but buy a portable car battery charger if it is not possible.

Once you switch off the engine, remember to turn off all the lights and other accessories like the radio and air conditioner, especially if your car’s light cannot turn off automatically like modern cars. Your vehicle may fail to start if you leave the lights or accessories on for an extended period.

 5 Tips on Caring for Your Car and Prolong Its Battery

3. Have excellent battery care practices

Always ensure that your battery is tightened. Movement and vibrations could result in internal damage and short circuits for a battery that is not correctly fastened. You can curb this by securing your battery in a well-fitting clump and having your battery terminal frequently inspected, especially if you drive mostly on bumpy roads.

Be on the lookout for corrosions. Over time, battery terminals corrode. Keeping your battery terminals clean from corrosions is a great way to lengthen car battery life.  Before you clean, make sure that the cables are disconnected. You can scrub the terminals using a toothbrush that has been inserted in a mixture of water and baking soda. Then rinse off the mixture and dry with a clean cloth. Remember to top up your car battery water levels. Most car batteries indicate a need for more water, always check out the water level indicator and top up with distilled water only.

4. Limit exposure to heat and don’t overcharge your car battery

As earlier mentioned, heat takes a toll on car batteries. It leads to increased evaporation of water, which drains your car battery. You can minimize this by parking your car under a shade or the garage whenever possible. Another superb way of reducing heat is insulating your battery with plastic insulating blankets so that it does not absorb heat from the engine.

When overcharged, lead-acid batteries release hydrogen and oxygen gases. First, this could cause an explosion, and secondly, it breaks down the components of water in the battery, automatically shortening your battery’s life span. Not to mention the erosion could cause the substance of the battery to leak and be tough to clean up.

5. Test your car battery often

The key to maximizing your car’s battery life is in testing your battery often. Use a car battery tester to test the output voltage of your battery. This way, you will know your battery’s condition and if it is still functioning well or due for a replacement. You surely don’t want to be late for that vital appointment because your car refused to start. Save yourself the trouble by testing your car battery at least three times a year. A word of caution, always ensure safety when handling your car battery. Start by removing the car keys from the ignition before working on your battery. When disconnecting cables, start with the negative cable before the positive one. When reconnecting, always start with the positive cable.

Keep in mind that as much as your car battery lifespan will automatically reach, it is up to you to ensure how soon it will be by practicing the above car battery maintenance tips.