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5 Ways to Search Independent House in Bangalore Without Brokers 

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One of the most important financial choices you’ll make in your life is whether or not to buy a house. If you choose to buy a house, the most time-consuming aspect of the process will be house hunting. Many people decide to hire a real estate broker and end up regretting the decision. Brokers often generate a feeling of urgency, leading you to believe that you must move soon to avoid missing out on a good opportunity on property. However, if you have a specific requirement such as an independent house for sale in Bangalore for 30 lakhs it is not wise to let the real estate broker to pressure you into making a decision that you aren’t entirely secure in.

Find your perfect house without the assistance of a real estate broker by following these steps:

1. Create a shortlist of properties in your chosen area.

Begin by picking which city and residential neighborhood you wish to live in. If you are looking for job opportunities, you can check Tier-II cities that offer several distinct benefits, such as large public leisure areas, decreased pollution, cheaper land costs, relaxed but dynamic lives, and a plethora of modern infrastructures. Once you’ve chosen a city, the following process is to narrow down your options for preferred residential neighborhoods. Then, instead of confining yourself to just the most exclusive localities, have a look at some of the forthcoming development zones.

Once you’ve decided on a city and the neighborhoods, it’s time to look for houses in that area. Consider using property search websites and mobile applications such as Nobroker.in to assist you with your search. Always communicate directly with the sales staff of the construction company to get accurate information. 

2. Conduct an evaluation of the properties on your shortlist

A broker is nothing more than a middleman. As a result, he is not liable in the event of overpricing or any other problem. Sort the properties on your shortlist and consider various aspects such as the location, facilities supplied, builder reputation, previous purchasers’ comments, etc. 

It would be advisable to visit the previous projects of the chosen builders / real estate developers and speak with their previous clients to gain their opinions. You may also join the Facebook groups for the builders’ finished projects to see what type of inquiries and comments the residents are posting about the projects. You may even provide questions to them, assess their responses, and know how to evaluate the property. 

When shortlisting homes, consider factors other than the price. While pricing is an important consideration, other considerations are crucial too. For example, one developer/builder may not include post-sale support and maintenance, and hence the selling price might be lesser than a property that does get regular maintenance. While selecting the former may seem to be the more advantageous option, it is not the most cost-effective one in the long term.

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3. Establish a connection with the contractor

This is a critical phase. Ensure you speak with someone from the builder’s sales department immediately and evaluate the property. Inquire about a site tour, meet with prior clients of the selected builder, and do some internet research on the builder in question. Even if you’ve been working with a broker up to this point, make sure that you interact with the builder from this point forward. The best way to know about the reputation of the real estate developer and check the ongoing projects is by visiting online portals such as Nobroker.in 

4. Take Care of the Finances

Purchasing a property has several financial ramifications to consider. For example, you’ll need to put money down for a down payment on the house, get the best interest rate on a home loan, and deal with the capital gains tax resulting from the sale of your previous property, among other things.

Other legalities, such as a no-objection certificate from the water, land, and power authorities, safety certifications, a project sanction plan, and no objection certificates, among other things. Exercise caution at this phase to prevent any complications later on. If you have even the slightest suspicion that anything is amiss, be sure to discuss it with the builder and have it resolved.

5. Bringing the Transaction to a Close

This is the last stage in the process of buying your ideal independent house for sale in Bangalore for 30 lakhs. Discuss the payment processes with the builder, take care of your home loan processing, and pay the deposit to reserve the house. Please make sure that you have read and understood all documents before signing them. Last but not least, you must record the sale with the appropriate authorities.


That’s all there is to it. You have finally completed the purchase of your dream house. If you purchase a home that is ready to move into, you may move in whenever it is most convenient for you. If you need help in finding the best real estate property listings in Bangalore, you may check Nobroker.in