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6 Reasons Behind the Rising Popularity of ACM Panels

Building clad with aluminum panels

Joel Filipe

The aluminum composite panel is rapidly gaining popularity in the building industry as a cladding option. Aluminum composite panels are one option among many that can be chosen when creating a new building or upgrading the outside of an existing one. 

The construction of modern structures, including private residences and commercial establishments, uses various cutting-edge and widely used materials. 

Some of these materials are somewhat pricey, while others, such as aluminum composite panels, are quite affordable. They are not costly, but they may make your business or house appear much better.

However, this option offers some of the most significant advantages, which makes it a particularly attractive choice (ACM panels). They are made up of two different components, one of which is non-metallic and the other of which is metallic. 

They keep the fundamental qualities of the product’s initial components while amplifying the advantages of those components’ material properties. 

These panels have a wide range of applications and are one of the most well-liked options for contemporary building construction.

Peruse the following reasons that have contributed to the rising popularity of ACM panels:

1. ACP are lightweight

Traditionally, the materials used for cladding were quite heavy, which made them both vulnerable to damage and difficult to work with. On the other hand, ACM panels are comprised of thin sheets of aluminum that are pressed together with a resin to connect the PE/FR/LDPE core. These sheets are used in aeronautical engineering and the construction of high-rise structures due to their lightweight nature and structural integrity. 

2. Less difficult to manufacture 

Their low overall weight enhances the sheets’ portability and ease of use. The sheets are very flexible and bendable in all directions. Any form may be achieved by bending, folding, or turning it. You can cut the ACP sheets into whatever form and pattern you like using the router and saw. 

 Residential building clad with aluminum panels

3. Versatility in colors and design 

The variety of patterns offered by ACP sheets is the primary factor contributing to their widespread use. Any structure may seem more appealing when it incorporates visually pleasing design elements. When constructing your ideal home, you can let your imagination run wild. 

4. Eco-friendly 

ACP sheets are sustainable and good for the environment. Aluminum, polymer, and other minerals are among the recycled elements that go into the production of the ACP sheets. These sheets contribute to the preservation of the invaluable natural resources in this manner. 

Not only have builders and interior designers benefited greatly from the use of these sheets, but the environment has benefited greatly as well. The new construction material, ACP sheets, are one step towards the goal of making the world more environmentally resilient.

5. Easy transportation and installation

Compared to four or five decades ago, it is now considerably simpler to acquire various building materials for your project’s requirements; however, logistics may still be a headache when large and delicate items are involved. 

Even while most building supplies have a high level of durability overall, you still need to move them carefully so that you don’t accidentally damage or scratch them. Aluminum composite panels have a thickness of just a few millimeters and are very lightweight, which makes them easy to stack and transport. 

The installation of ACP is not very difficult since the material is not particularly heavy and does not need a great deal of physical effort. Additionally, it is a dry installation, meaning you do not need cement or any other glue to adhere adequately to surfaces. Other cladding materials need the use of industrial-grade adhesives during the application process.

6. Offers durability

Because of its strong physical features, the ACP sheet is an excellent choice for long-lasting cladding material. Permit me to elaborate on the reason why ACP sheets are so resilient! The sheet is not liable to get damaged due to corrosion. 

Second, it has high tensile strength and resistance to impact, contributing to its increased durability. The third advantage of ACP sheets is that they are resistant to wind, which means they won’t fracture even under extreme wind conditions or at high elevations. 


ACP sheets originally gained popularity as a material for use in signs and then evolved into one of the most formidable competitors in the building business. The use of cladding made of aluminum composite paneling (ACP) is gaining more and more favor. Some experts predict that ACP will become the most common cladding material in the future.