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6 Signs Your House Needs a Roof Replacement

6 Signs Your House Needs a Roof Replacement

Studies show that 40% of building-related problems are due to water intrusion, typically from the roof.

Water damage can wreak havoc on a household. It is important to be checking your roof for signs of damage so that you can get ahead of this issue.

How often do you check on your roof? Are there any signs of wear or damage? When is the last time you had your roofing materials replaced?

Keep reading to learn more about the signs that you need a roof replacement:

1. Moss or Plants Are Beginning to Grow

When your roof gets a green look to it or you see moss coating the shingles, it is an important sign not to ignore. The evidence of moss or plants is an indication that there is moisture on your roof that is trapped and has allowed these things to grow. Moisture can lead to leaks or other issues if it is not addressed.

2. Roof Leak Means Roof Replacement 

Look on your ceiling for any water spots. Even the smallest areas can indicate a larger issue brewing inside your roof.

For the water to reach the ceiling, the boards on the roof are likely saturated and need to be replaced before they cause additional damage.

3. Shingles Are Curling

If you are looking at your roof and notice some or all of the shingles beginning to have a curled look, this can be a sign that they need to be replaced. The weather elements over time will break down the structure of the shingle and can cause it to begin to curl.

When this happens, the shingles are not serving their purpose of sheltering your roof because they are exposing parts of it to potential damage.

 6 Signs Your House Needs a Roof Replacement

4. The Roof Is Sagging

If you notice that your roof is sagging, this could be an indication of a structural issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

The roof cannot withstand this position long term and should be evaluated to discover the source of why it is not keeping its structural shape. This could involve an in-depth repair in which reinforcements are needed to support the roof in that particular area.

5. Shingles Are Missing

Missing shingles can leave your roof exposed. This may not be an issue when there is dry weather but a stretch of wet weather with missing shingles could lead to a leak.

Contacting us to evaluate whether a few shingles or the whole roof need to be replaced is important because one shingle can lead to a handful of issues.

6. The Roof Is Old

A roof on a house is not meant to last as long as the house. Typically roofs need to be replaced every 20-30 years depending on the materials used.

Keeping in mind your last roof replacement is important because more problems could occur as it ages and the materials start to break down. Issues can happen at any time but we offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee that gives you extra protection and peace of mind when it comes to your roof. Since we are local Edmonton roofers, we can be out to your house to take care of the issue quickly.

Get Started Today

Now that you know what signs to look for when your roof is in need of a roof replacement, there should be no delay in getting it fixed. Contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to evaluate your roof and form a strategy to replace it. Visit our blog to learn how much does a roof cost in Edmonton.