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6 Simple Things You Can Do To Cleanse Your Home Of Negativity

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Cleanse Your Home Of Negativity

cottonbro from Pexels

Albert Einstein once stated that everything is made of energy, including you. Your surroundings influence your energy, and you can’t help but feel a certain way depending on where you are. 

When you’re at home, you want to be at ease and surrounded by positivity. But negative influences may seep into your home from time to time.

Energy healers and psychics are also great for bringing positivity to your life. If you’re feeling hopeless or feel like the negativity you’ve been experiencing is taking over, it’s okay to reach out to an energy healer or get a psychic reading to gain clarity. 

You can also try the technique below to make your home as positive as possible.

Let’s go 

Burn Incense

Incense has been used for centuries as a spiritual practice to help bring tranquility and peace of mind to those who use it. 

Many incenses are available in fragrances such as Nag Champa, vanilla, cinnamon, or even fruits (such as a banana!), all of which can leave a room smelling nice and fresh. Most importantly, by cleaning the aura of the room, you can feel serene and calm!

Light the incense, allow the flame to burn for about 10 seconds before blowing it out, and place the stick in an incense holder. Allow it to sit there until it is completely brought to an end.

Discard Damaged Things

Damaged things contain a lot of stuck energy. So, if you have a broken item, such as a broken chair, a broken table, or even a broken wall clock that cannot be repaired, please remove it from your home. 

Cleanse Your House With Salt

Now, you may have been taught that salt is an important part of many different recipes we cook every day. 

But did you know that salt can also be used as a remedy for negative energy? But there is a certain process you need to follow – so follow this. 

  • Mix some salt in a spray bottle filled with water 
  • Mist it in every room. 
  • You can even draw a line of salt in front of your home’s entrance to ward off unwanted energy. 

As an alternative, if you don’t have the time or are not inclined to mix up your spray solution, invest in a Himalayan salt lamp as they naturally attract negative ions towards them, which can help cleanse the home.  

6 Simple Things You Can Do To Cleanse Your Home Of Negativity

Clear Out Your Clutter

A cluttered workspace with a bunch of trash on it, or even a messy area with dirt everywhere, can make an environment feel very uninviting. 

Don’t we all know how good it feels to get rid of the clutter when we clean our office desk, countertops, or shelves? 

It’s difficult to explain, but when we organize things nicely and remove any signs of chaos, it’s almost as if we lift an invisible weight off our shoulders! It just feels so much better because you have positive energy flowing. 

Smudge Your Home

There is a popular Native American technique to help keep the home healthy and free of negative energies by lighting sage. 

  • Sage is a herb, and it clears up any pent-up destructive energy. Even this has a process: 
  • Just light the sage
  • Let it burn for a few moments near each corner of your home in a clockwise direction, 
  • Say a quick prayer to clear your home of any negativity that you may sense! 

Utilize Crystals to Keep Your Space Safe

Crystals are one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts. 

They seem to possess magical properties that make them aesthetically pleasing and appear to aid in their user’s well-being and overall happiness. 

Assume you’re having trouble deciding which crystal to get for your home right now. In that case, we recommend a beneficial crystal specifically used to protect against negativity and lessen unwanted energies. Because of its protective properties, black tourmaline is ideal.

Summing Up 

We hope you found this blog helpful, and you could cleanse your space and make it a beautiful and positive area!