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6 Tips to Help Your Restoration Go Smoothly

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s at this time of year that many of you will be planning your next restoration project!

Whether it’s an old barn, a dilapidated old church, or a run-down house in need of a bit of DIY, here are six tips to help your restoration project go smoothly.

Get in The Experts

Getting in the experts to help your project will ensure that things move smoother and that you’re complying with all of the regulations you need to be complying with.

Getting an expert team like the guys at Arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk in and asking them questions will be an invaluable aid in your project, and it could even save you money in the long run.

Plan Ahead the Scenarios

Many people falter when they are part-way through their restoration project by coming up against scenarios they haven’t planned on.

While you can’t plan for everything, it’s up to every good project manager to consider the most likely outcomes, and consider some of the less-likely outcomes and plan contingency accordingly. 

Not planning ahead through different scenarios could cost your project extra money to rectify mistakes you should have seen coming.

 6 Tips to Help Your Restoration Go Smoothly

Over Estimate Your Budget

How many times on restoration shows on TV have you heard the phrase “we’re out of money” or “we’ve gone way over budget”? 

If you’re planning any size restoration, make sure you cost things out properly and then plan to have at least 25% extra in the budget pot as an emergency fund. If projects can run over, they will, and it’s more than likely you’ll need your emergency fund in the end.

Leave Time for Paperwork

Don’t you love bureaucrats? All of that pen-pushing and red tape, and let’s not forget needing to fill out every piece of paperwork in triplicate? 

If there’s one thing you CAN rely on when it comes to a restoration project, it’s that the paperwork side of things is likely to take a LOT longer than you expected, and you can also be sure that no amount of ‘subtle’ hurrying things along will make a difference.

Make extra time for paperwork!

 6 Tips to Help Your Restoration Go Smoothly

Don’t Have A Fixed End Date

“We want to be in by Christmas”. It’s a phrase every architect sees to hear when a wide-eyed young couple takes on a restoration project, usually around June or July time, in the hopes they will get to spend Christmas in their new home.

Sadly, this is usually a pipe dream. Best if you don’t have a fixed date in mind, this way you can work at your own pace and you’re not rushing things at the last minute.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lend A Hand

That’s what you’re paying people to do, right? Yes and no. 

You’re paying people to do their job, but that doesn’t mean they will be as enthusiastic as you might be.

Jump in and lend a hand when needs be and be a good host; it will help you in the long run!