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7 Creative Ideas For Your Laundry Room

7 Creative Ideas For Your Laundry Room

Most of the homeowners answer “laundry” when asked about which part of their property they want to improve. Now, that doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Yes, people do love the thought of clean clothing, but the dark truth of many homes is overflowing laundry cabinets, dreary feels of the area, and never being able to find a matching pair of socks. This is why I think every home should have a super functional laundry area to get the job done.

Revamping your existing kitchen cabinets or getting new laundry storage cabinets installed can help you reduce clutter and build a laundry you have been dreaming about.

On that note, enlisted below are a few ways to take your laundry to the next level.

Make Use of The Space Available

Even if your laundry space has that old, rustic feel, you can revamp it by adding a mix of decorative accents and functional features. The idea is to make the most of the space available and redesigning it to create a stylish yet elegant laundry room. 

Install drying racks inside the cabinets, and take them out as per your convenience. Apart from that, hang the ironing board on one side of the door to streamline storage and access. Do not forget to contact laundry designers in Adelaide to consult about how you can create a space for all your household needs.

Add Colour To Your Room

Colours can add grace and smoothness to any area. So, don’t you worry about your laundry room looking bland? You can paint it according to the feels you want from the space. 

Most homeowners either paint the walls dark grey or use whimsical wallpaper in a combination of light-dark tones for their laundry. 

Install stylish flooring to add texture and a splash of retro whimsy. Additionally, infuse colour in your room by painting the cabinets bold and installing patterned tiles on the wall.

 7 Creative Ideas For Your Laundry Room

Stack It But Don’t Slack It

Of course, making the most of space available is important. But it’s equally important to make sure that your laundry doesn’t feel cramped and suffocating.

Sure you can get your washing machine with the best washing machine vibration pads installed in one of the cabinets, and place the dryer on top it, but don’t overdo by installing more shelves on the same side of the wall. In fact, if you have more space and want to attain structure, consider adding islands to your laundry room.

Multifunction Is Trendy

If you use a part of your kitchen as your laundry space, you can install additions that solve more than one purpose. Besides that, to double up space, you can hang a drying rack above the sink. 

You can also incorporate a tall cabinet into the corner of the room to store detergent and other essential household items.

Minimalism Is The New Design

For a more relaxed laundry space, keep the design minimal. While a utility room painted in black and white might appear dull, you can add a different colour to other parts of the room to make them look unique. In addition to that, swap the usual cabinet doors with shaker style cabinets, and use wicker baskets to store your fresh clothes. Do not forget to call professionals for the installation of laundry cabinets in Adelaide.

 7 Creative Ideas For Your Laundry Room

Storage Above And Below Is A Good Idea

If you have a separate utility room, install hooks above laundry cabinets to hang caps, coats and shirts, before or after wash. If you want to attain a “clutter-free” look, consider adding storage shelves below and above cabinets that you can use for storing shoes and boots. 

Use Laundry Dispensers

Of course, you wouldn’t want a bunch of bottles visible from your open shelves ruining the charm of your utility room. Therefore, you should invest in glass laundry dispensers that you can use for keeping laundry supplies out in the open. 

Here you have them – 7 innovative and creative ideas to make your laundry adventures a little more functional and pleasant.