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7 Ideas for Decorating Your Conservatory

7 Ideas for Decorating Your Conservatory

A conservatory serves as a fine transitional space between indoors and outdoors. It’s a space where you can enjoy the comforts of your home while being connected to nature (images House in Sonobe / Tato Architects).

Decorating a conservatory is a whole another ordeal. A conservatory or a sunroom basically comprises of glass, which can be tricky to work with. You have to implement ideas that won’t obstruct the view. So how can you decorate your conservatory without diminishing its purpose? Just carry on reading to find out.

Furnishing is good

A lot of people shy away from adequate furnishing the conservatory. Just because it’s a semi-outdoor space, doesn’t mean it cannot be furnished. A sunroom or conservatory has the potential to become a fully-functioning recreational area.

Start by choosing a patterned carpet. A sectional sofa, a couple of settes or a dining table will work well to transform your conservatory into whatever space you desire. You can even add a swing if you want a rather whimsical look. Cane Direct Furniture supplies chic dining tables and other furniture for conservatories.

Similarly, don’t hold back on fixtures. Get a couple of hanging lights or even a chandelier. It will bring the space together and give it a polished finish.

Control the lighting

You might think that curtains will defeat the purpose of having a conservatory. But incorporating drapes in the right way can completely transform it.

Choose delicate and sheer drapes rather than heavy-duty curtains. These will create a dreamy and ethereal space, where you can get some privacy if you want.

When it gets way too hot during summers and sheer drapes won’t do the jobs, go for chic horizontal blinds. This is particularly suitable for conservatories with neutral interior decor. The blinds will prevent excessive sunlight while also elongating the space.

If the above two options don’t please your aesthetic aspirations, you can consider fretwork screens. They add a vintage charm while offering sufficient privacy.

Keep it natural

It is okay to furnish the conservatory as you would any other room, but don’t overdo it. An overly done-up conservatory will lose its natural ambience.

It’s absolutely possible to fully furnish a conservatory without losing the natural touch. For a natural look, pick natural and lighter materials over formal and bold materials. Wicker lampshades and rattan chairs are better options than statement lights and leather couches.

Understandably, cane and other natural furnishing are neutrally toned and can be a little dull. But you can jazz them up with the help of vibrant rugs, textured cushions and printed tablecloths. Conservatory furniture cushions replacement are readily available.

 7 Ideas for Decorating Your Conservatory

A sky full of lights

A conservatory gives access to uninterrupted star gazing. And it will become even more magical with the addition of fairy lights.

String lights, twinkling lights and fairy lights are extremely affordable. They go along wonderfully with any interior decor theme, whether rustic or contemporary.

You can line them along the window frame, wrap them around tree branches outside or create a delightful canopy.

Bring in greenery

Since a conservatory is basically an amalgamation of indoors and outdoors, it’s only fair that it has elements of both.

Merely decorating with regular furnishings won’t set your conservatory apart from the rest of your house. Add a couple of structural oversized plants to bring in some greenery and brighten the corners. You can even put up hanging planters with cascading creepers for a rustic look. Plants will create a harmony between indoors and outdoors.

Add a library

Nothing is better than reading in natural light, and a conservatory offers you just that. With the abundance of natural light, it is the perfect place for a private library.

If the ceiling of your conservatory is quite high, it might be difficult to transform it into a comfortable reading area. But you can make it cosy with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and plush settees.

Make it warm

If it gets unbearably cold during winters, then no one would want to spend time in the conservatory. A compact log burning stove will not only make your conservatory snug but will also give it a charming look.

In conclusion, your conservatory doesn’t have to be carpeted dumping ground for unwanted stuff. By implementing the above ideas, you can make it useful and inviting.