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7 Must-Haves for Sprucing Up Your Home This Spring

7 Must-Haves for Sprucing Up Your Home This Spring

Springtime is finally here and that calls for a fresh start and a clean home. Besides putting aside the wintery clothes and making room for the spring essentials, you should also make your home ready to welcome the new season.

In general, spring is characterized by smelly flowers, bold patterns and bright hues, so it is merely right that your decor is given an appropriate warm-weather refresh. This doesn’t need to involve any major home renovations or complex DIY projects, but simple and timeless upgrades that will completely transform your interior for the upcoming season.

However, home decoration can sometimes get difficult when you don’t know where to begin to give your decor a fresh feeling. So, in order to help you in the process, we have come up with seven decorating must-haves that you can rely on to add a few simple touches and bring more life and vibrancy to your interior.

Upgrade your lighting

Springtime is all about bright lights, so why not start your home transformation by upgrading your lighting fixtures. From the classic pendant lights to the most unique chandeliers, you have plenty of ways to bring more brightness into your living space.

For example, chandeliers come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can opt for the one that will best match your interior design style. The multi-tier chandelier is a very popular choice among homeowners who usually install them in tall hallways. You can even be creative and decorate it with colorful artificial flowers to add more liveliness.

If you are looking for something simpler, but still decorative, then you should opt for cheery light fixtures in the form of tulips. You can go for the ones in bright hues in order to add a little bit of contrast to your otherwise neutral color palette.

Switch your art

Wall decorations are considered the best way to welcome the spring season to your home. There are plenty of ideas you can choose from, all of which can seamlessly blend into almost every interior design.

For example, you can take down that large gallery wall you have in your living room above the cabinet and hang a picture photo of a flower vase. Not only will you stay in touch with the season, but you will also have the opportunity to declutter your walls. In fact, creating such a minimalistic feature wall can easily become the focal point in the room.

Or, if you want to be more original, then you can go for some bright colorful tapestries which you can hang either above the sofa in the living room or above the cabinet in the dining room. Choose a tapestry that features the predominant colors of the room in order to create a well-put-together space.

 7 Must-Haves for Sprucing Up Your Home This Spring

Introduce more color

Probably the easiest way to spruce up your home and stay in touch with the season is to introduce more color. This can be done by painting your walls, implementing an accent chair or by upgrading the appearance of your hardware.

For example, if you decide to paint your walls, remember that you don’t have to paint every single wall in your home. Instead, you can choose either the wall that’s behind the sofa in the living room or behind your bed in the bedroom and paint it with a bright color of your choice. A pastel yellow or light blue are the perfect option when you want to add more vibrancy to the space.

Another common way of introducing more color is by repainting your kitchen cabinets. If you are not afraid to experiment, pastel orange or light green are a great way to liven up your kitchen.

Bring nature inside

Greenery is a symbol of spring, so bringing some beautiful flowers, like white roses, can definitely freshen up your living space. From simple glass vases filled with a bundle of colorful tulips to larger indoor mandarin trees, there are plenty of ways to bring nature inside your home.

For example, plant lovers are big fans of succulents as they come in many shades of green and can easily bring lots of fresh air to any living space in the house. They are very easy to grow and can be arranged in different ways to serve as the focal point in any room. Potting them into uniquely shaped flowerpots or creating a beautiful box with different types are very popular choices among homeowners.

If you want to add some fragrance into your home, then you should look for scented flowers to make your interior smell like a garden. Some of the best fragrant flowers include roses, lilies and freesia.   

Prepare your outdoor area

If you live in a house, then you should also spruce up your outdoor space to welcome the season with open arms. Since the days will most often be filled with sunshine, then it is simply right that you make your patio attractive and functional for spring.

The first thing you should do is update your patio furniture. This doesn’t need to be anything major, but instead, you can swap out the chairs or the side table for something new and add cushions in order to make the seating area cozier. Implement some decorative pieces such as small pots or candles on the table and make your yard more appealing to your visitors.

If the space allows it, you can either opt for a hanging egg chair or a swing to add extra seating space on your patio. These are very helpful when you have small get-togethers with your family or friends and want to enjoy the abundance of sunshine.

 7 Must-Haves for Sprucing Up Your Home This Spring

Add accent rugs

If you are looking for a bold way to spruce up your home for spring, then adding accent rugs is a great way to go about it. They are very versatile as they come in many shapes and designs and can instantly transform any room of the house.

For example, if the color palette of your living space is rather neutral, then you can opt for an accent rug to contrast the scheme. The piece can include a combination of bright colors such as yellow, green and orange to add more playfulness to the room.

If you want to experiment more, then you should opt for an abstract rug with geometric designs. Such a piece can also include different shades to either match or contrast the predominant colors of your area. Place it under the coffee table in the living room and turn it into the focal point in the space.

Implement decorative items

The best way to introduce more personality to your home is to implement accessories. Such decorative items come in many colors and textures making them a unique way to add a fresh spring element to your interior.

For example, your living room pillows and throws are a perfect way to stay in touch with the spring season. If your sofa is white or grey in color, then you can add pillows in bright colors such as pastel green or magenta pink to liven up the space. You can even opt for pillows with patterned designs to add more visual interest to the room.

Another very common decorative piece that stays definitely in touch with spring is candles. They come in plenty of scents and fragrances making them the perfect way to bring blossoming outdoors into your home. Some of the most popular scents people go for are citrus, lavender, garden roses and lilies.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that springtime can certainly encourage you to create a cleaner, fresher and brighter living space. Whether you are looking for small home updates such as adding scented candles or repainting the walls, there are plenty of ways you can upgrade your interior and make it ready to welcome the new season.

All you have to do is consider your interior design style as well as your personal taste and opt for those decorative items that will instantly freshen up your home. In case you need inspiration, you can borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and bring spring into your house.