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8 Varieties Of Exterior Claddings Which Can Turn Around Your Home’s Appeal Game

8 Varieties Of Exterior Claddings Which Can Turn Around Your Home’s Appeal Game

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Over the years the relevance of exterior decor has come at par, and in some cases, surpassed that of interior decoration, and it is for all the right reasons. A guest entering your home will form the first opinion before even reaching the front door which is why exterior beautification of your home is a big deal.

Since its important that the look is on point, wall cladding can serve as an excellent option for the same. Even though you must have read plenty of posts on this topic, but what makes our post a definite must-read for you is… Well, without further ado, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Vinyl cladding

The vinyl cladding has managed to be a popular name in the Western Countries, and we can’t blame them for being wholly drawn towards it. Such a cladding material is the life-savior for people working within a budget who are hoping to find a kind where they don’t have to compromise on the style and beauty as well. Vinyl cladding is affordable and easy to install. Other great features include scratch resistance, numerous design options, durability and brilliant insulation.

Tile Cladding

If tiles were always your favorite wall decoration element, then we present to you tile cladding for gorgeous interior appeal. From kitchen to bathroom, think of unlimited possibilities in color, design, material and budget range to help you find a match which will stay put for years to come.

Porcelain cladding

Known for its abrasion and scratch resistance along with a super tough surface, porcelain cladding is an option with which can never go wrong. It is cost-effective, low maintenance and has a dust-free surface which makes it an even more potent choice for you. Also, it is freeze and thermal shock resistant that turns it into an even more popular type.

 8 Varieties Of Exterior Claddings Which Can Turn Around Your Home’s Appeal Game

Timber cladding

Coming to the natural options, if you are planning on staying close to nature and limit the use of metal in your home, then timber cladding is an excellent option for your exterior decor. Not just is it innate and offer high aesthetic appeal, but it is also lightweight and goes beautifully with all decor schemes. However, it is a variety of combustible cladding which is why it might need some attention from you before finalization.

Stone cladding

Another variety in our natural wall cladding category is the stone cladding. Readily available, easy to install, lesser construction time and a great eco-friendly option are some of its most talked about traits. Choose from granite, marble, sandstone, marble and more and focus on the thickness to enjoy better durability at competitive prices.


Fibre cement cladding

For an unconventional kind which looks unique and is environment-friendly be ready to be amazed by fiber cement cladding. A blend of cement, sand and cellular fiber in sheets, this wall cladding material mimics the appearance of wood but is much lighter in weight and easier to install. It comes in a range of designs which will give you enough sorting to do for the night.

Composite cladding

Another cladding variety which is a top competitor in the market, composite cladding takes the durability and curb appeal game up a notch at affordable prices. It is a combination of recycled plastic and wood which beats wood in appearance and offers excellent durability and longevity for many years to come. In case, you need more composite varieties, aluminium awnings in Brisbane might work well for you.

3D cladding

A variety usually found on large towers and multi-national corporate building exteriors, 3D cladding is a whole different level of wall cladding which is an integral part of modern architecture. Such a variety can bring a lot of attention to your property for both good and bad reasons which is why you have to be very vigilant with your design and overall application.

Finding the right wall cladding material is not a daunting task anymore. Weigh out the above-mentioned options and get started with your renovations soon. Good luck!