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A Guide to Building a Low Maintenance Home

A Guide to Building a Low Maintenance Home

Maintenance is something that all homeowners have to consider more often than they’d like to think about. The upkeep of a home takes a lot of time and can end up costing a lot of money to keep it looking as lovely as you want to. If you want to build your home from scratch, then by planning and choosing the best materials, you’ll be able to construct a durable home that you can enjoy with fewer maintenance issues.

Choose a Metal Roof

Although traditional roofing options are slate and tiles, they can be damaged by extreme weather conditions such as storms, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. These acts of nature often mean that many homeowners have to replace damaged parts of their roofs regularly or fall victim to leaks and damp issues, and this can cost a lot of money.

Many are starting to hire metal roofing contractors, as metal roofs are durable, impermeable, and cost much less to repair and maintain.

Opt for Weather-Proof Windows and Fencing

Every home has weaknesses that can lead to damage or costly repairs. One of these areas is the fencing, if it is not correctly fixed, it can easily be blown down in severe weather, and single wooden slats are often broken off, and might take a professional to repair. Consider PVC and plastic alternatives that might stay standing for longer than their wooden alternatives.

Windows are one of the most significant issues when it comes to the heating loss in your home, consider investing in stormproof frames and double-glazing glass to help get those bills down. 

Pave Your Garden 

Most homeowners have extravagant plans for their garden; however, not many are willing to invest in the upkeep of mowing the lawn and weeding regularly. If you cannot afford to pay for a professional gardener, then you might want to consider alternative options. Artificial grass will never grow, and you can keep the green look of your garden.

 A Guide to Building a Low Maintenance Home

Another suggestion is to pave part or all of the area with a patio or decking, this will make it easier to maintain and enjoy when the weather is good.

Consider Your Siding

Another issue that your home can have is with the side cladding. Wooden and painted options can become easily damaged and chipped over time, so you should consider vinyl or plastic siding, which has no need for painting, and they can last for years without damage.

Select Your Features Carefully

If you decide to install extravagant features into your home, such as a pool, or a water fountain, then you also need to consider the maintenance that they will take throughout the year, and if it is something you do not have the time for, or cannot afford to hire a professional for, then try to find other ways to create the luxury that you want.

Be Aware of Your Interior

With all of these exterior conditions to keep in mind, don’t neglect the interior of your home, by choosing an easy to clean floor and surfaces, such as wooden floors, and granite work surfaces, and pick colors that do not show up every speck of dirt.

This is your time to make your home the way that you want it. Good luck!