Located in a refurbished shop house in Singapore and designed by Barcelonan firm Lagranja Design, FOC Restaurant brings a much-needed energy to an otherwise sleepy street.

FOC’s design tries to be narrative without been a theme park. The space itself is kept as simple as possible – a darker front room with a huge bar counter and open kitchen, and a bright glass roofed backyard – so that the preeminence is given to the many objects inhabiting it. An attempt to create a living exhibition on Barcelona’s pop culture.


The big heads called “Capgros” commonly used as burlesque mask in street festivals around Catalunya are here used as huge lamps (by the way: they are portraying the chef and other partners of the restaurant). Other signature lamps are made using the typical catalan wine jar called “porron”, the iconic oil dispenser and pepper mills. Here and there on the wall and floor more topic’s graffiti (Donkey’s, Sagrada Familia’s, Messi’s and spanish tiles). The counter is entirely covered with domino’s tiles, so popular in spanish bars. On top of the entrance the iconic Impala motorbike from the late sixties.

“We simply felt the need to contextualize the taste of Nandu’s dishes away from home, trying to shorten the distances between Singapore and Barcelona” explain lagranja’s team.

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