Artem Vakhrin and Katya Zuieva of Ukrainian architectural studio AKZ Architectura have covered  the interiors of this veggie bar in Kiev with a grid of white ceramic tiles. The aim of the project  was to create a place that should show costumers the idea behind the Orang+Utan bar: “the city is a new ‘jungle’ and persons who live there are the new ‘smart animals’ and they need a place to fill energy” explain the owners.

White tiles and dark “net” with green zone create a feeling of being in natural habitat. The interior features an open kitchen and a large bar area where strangers can dine alongside one another. The material palette is very dictated by a sense of practicality, without no great embellishments. Everything is done with materials that work well for the space and then well together. A white neon sign spells out the name of the bar, complementing another one fixed to the shopfront.

 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-2 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-3 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-4 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-5 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-6 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-7 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-8 orangutan-vegetarian-bar-in-kiev-by-akz-architectura-9

all images © Lesha Yanchenkov