An interior design says a lot about its owner. If you want to appear to be a stylish, sophisticated and forward-thinking homeowner, you must pay close attention to the most popular styles with each passing season.

To do so, simply read the following definitive interior design trends to watch out for in 2018.

 4 Definitive Interior Design Trends

Spring: Pastel Colors and Floral Motifs

If you want your home to reflect all the beauty and freshness of the spring season, you will need to learn more about the biggest and best styles for the months ahead. Expect pastel tones and powdery pinks to dominate during Spring, and don’t be surprised to find soft mint tones and duck egg blues in the mix, too.

Spring bloom motifs are also set to be big this season, so decorate your walls or furniture with tulips, hyacinths, daffodils or muscari for an on-trend look that will wow your guests. Of course, classic spring patterns will also work well within your interior design, such as vintage florals.

 4 Definitive Interior Design Trends

Summer: Weather-Worn Styles and Coastal Designs

Weather worn effects are in this 2018 summer season, as faded stripes, florals and checks are expected to be popular with both interior designers and retailers. The seasonal colors will include blues, turquoise, reds and sea glass tones, which do not have to be used together to create a trendy summer style. Wild fabrics may also soon appear on fabrics, and coastal prints and water color drawings may don the walls and furniture of many homes across the country.

 4 Definitive Interior Design Trends

Autumn: Rustic and Warm Tones

Raw materials and textures will create a natural, comfortable environment that’s ideal for the autumn season. That’s why you will want to incorporate wood, brick and heavy linens into your interior design this fall. Rustic accessories will also prove popular with interior designers, as they may use warm tones and woodland creatures, like owls, to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors. So, turn to a self-storage facility to house your spring and summer decorative accessories until they come back into fashion.

 4 Definitive Interior Design Trends

Winter: Luxurious and Country-Inspired Styles

Rich and intense shades will rule interior design trends in winter 2018. Think soft, winter-warming velvets that will make your house feel like a home, and will be available in strong colors, such as deep greys, dark greens, teal, and mustard. It can therefore create a luxurious interior design that will make you want to curl up with a blanket and a good book.

Those looking for something a little more rustic will be happy to learn that metallic will be the material of the season, as designers will use warm copper, brass or galvanized zinc to create stunning home designs. Knitted materials will also come back into style, so you can’t go wrong when investing in sheepskins or wool in neutral shades in time for winter. Choose colors such as warm ochre, olive green or saffron.

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 4 Definitive Interior Design Trends