You may be thinking of selling your home, or are simply just bored with its current look and looking ways to improve it, but you’re not entirely sure where to start when it comes to making the most of your living space. A good idea is always to focus on the most important rooms in the house, and that in itself can reduce your workload and allow you to prioritize your attention accordingly.

Whether it’s because you’re struggling to sell, have some sudden empty space, or are simply tired of coming home to the same old rooms every day, here are the most important rooms to pay attention to.

 The Three Most Important Rooms In Your Home

Kitchen – Widely (and rightly) considered to be the heart of every home, there’s no better place to remodel and upgrade than the kitchen. From home-cooked foods that offer a creative outlet, to a communal space for you to enjoy family time, your kitchen should always be the first stop when it comes to giving your home an overhaul. The key to having the best kitchen possible is to embrace the uncluttered lifestyle. Keep your countertops as clear as possible, and consider a full remodel if you have the space to really play with the possibilities. In the current climate, the main focus is on tech in the kitchen, but make sure that you only add the technologies that will be useful on a daily basis.

 The Three Most Important Rooms In Your Home

Living Room – Even though we generally spend the least amount of time in it, it’s always important that your living room is optimized for maximum aesthetic luxury. No matter the look that you’re going for, from full-on minimalist to soft-furnished pamperings, there is no end to the possibilities that can be achieved for very little effort or cost. One of the things that most people forget when it comes to giving their living room a remodel is the floor, so make sure that you give consideration to the possibilities before you make any big decisions about the rest of the decor. It’s no use painting the walls and ceiling to match your new furniture if you’re going to keep that worn-out carpet in place! Top trends in 2018 include wooden floors with mismatched rugs that can create a more bohemian feel.

 The Three Most Important Rooms In Your Home

Bathroom – When it comes to the bathroom, it’s important to decide on the look that you want to achieve. The problem with bathrooms is that it can be difficult to choose between luxury or motivation. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the bath in a room that has been optimized for maximum relaxation, but that’s not much use when you’re getting ready for work in the morning. The trick is to talk to kitchen and bath remodeling experts because they can help you strike the right balance between high-tech design and pampered comfort, giving you the best of both worlds.