Studio apartments are an enticing form of property that have become particularly common amongst city dwellers. Open plan living space can be packed with innovative storage ideas, the latest high-tech appliances and artwork to make the place feel like home. Living in a smaller space is convenient for many, not only due to the design but also as it is generally more affordable. However, studios can often be extremely challenging. It is no surprise that many can struggle to find suitable ways to make the most of their space. With this being said, there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate practical designs with luxurious interiors, creating a homely studio. Transforming a modern space into a functional and inviting home can be easily achieved. Here are some stylish design ideas to make your studio apartment all the more inspiring.

 Stylish Design Ideas For Studio Apartments

Decorate with light colors – Aiming to keep your colors light will help to create a soft and airy feel. In a clever studio design often keeping the paint color light can often make your room seem bigger. Adding different textures and materials with curtains, blankets and soft furnishings can inject a feeling of comfort and keeping neutral tones will blend well with most décor.

Use mirrors – Introducing mirrors to your studio is one of the easiest studio design ideas for the illusion of expansive space and can often create the feeling of being twice as big. One of the tried and tested tactics carried out by interior designers is that when decorating with mirrors, placing them across from windows does two things: One, reflect the outdoors which adds size to the room. And two, by reflecting the natural light, flooding the space with more sunlight than what you would get in from a single window. Added brightness is a major selling point and adds an abundance of appeal to potential tenants and investors.

 Stylish Design Ideas For Studio Apartments

Multi-Purpose Furniture – Space is one of the most valuable features in a studio apartment. By utilizing all in one furniture pieces, they can make the best use of your smaller floor space. Container beds are one of the best ways to use your limited space as they make extra furniture redundant whilst still reducing clutter as they come with integrated wardrobe space, storage drawers and sometimes under bed storage. Similarly, elevating your bed with legs or a platform is a fantastic way to place storage underneath, keeping everything tucked away neatly. RW Invest, property investment specialists, offers a wide range of buy to let opportunities with some of the largest studio investments available on the market.

 Stylish Design Ideas For Studio Apartments

Go big with artwork – Artwork is a number one way to add your own twist on your studio and creating a statement will be easier than you think. Minimalistic furniture is a perfect accompaniment to dramatic artwork or vibrant pieces.  If you don’t have the budget for a large piece of art then try exaggerating the size of your wall through a simple arrangement of a few smaller pieces, creating a clean understated finish whilst still being effective.