Often dismissed as an unnecessary expense, sectional garage doors offer numerous benefits that make them a worthy investment for any homeowner. Ideally suited to both modern and traditional properties, compared to other types of garage doors they are superior in terms of security, use of space, and thermal insulation. Read on to find out the other reasons why you should invest in a sectional garage door for your property.

House In Serralves, Porto, Portugal / Joäo Vieria De Campos - photo by Nelson Garrido

Superior Security – Garage doors are often the weakest security point on a property, offering easy access to potential burglars. However, sectional garage doors offer superior protection compared to other garage door types thanks to their robust design and lack of easily penetrable points. The lack of penetration points is achieved by fitting a sectional door behind a garage opening, meaning that there are no vulnerable points where someone could try and prise the door open. Although locking systems will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, one thing you can rely on is the lack of penetration points across all models and brands of sectional garage doors.

Uses Minimal Space – Investing in a sectional garage door is a great way to save space not only in your garage but on your driveway too. Thanks to the ingenious design of sectional garage doors, they take up far less space than other garage doors both when open and when closed. This is because sectional garage doors roll up just above the door when opened so there is no need to leave room in the driveway for the door to swing out. They also allow for full use of the space inside the garage as they are suspended above the door opening, leaving the ceiling space free to use.

Can Be Fitted to a Range of Openings – Because sectional garage doors are fitted behind the door opening, you don’t need to worry about finding a model to fit the specific shape of your garage door opening, you will just have to find the right size of sectional garage door to cover the opening.

Improved Thermal Insulation – Efficient thermal insulation is essential for any garage door, particularly if your garage is connected to your home. Sectional garage doors offer higher insulations values than other garage doors thanks to their design, with many garage door manufacturers offering additional thermal insulations options, such as a door seal to create a thermal seal between the actual door frame and the surrounding brickwork, further improving the thermal insulation capabilities of a sectional garage door.

 House In Serralves, Porto, Portugal / Joäo Vieria De Campos - photo by Nelson Garrido

Stylish Design – Not only do sectional garage doors look more stylish thanks to their sleek design, but they come in a variety of materials and finishes, allowing you to perfectly match your new garage door to the overall aesthetic of your property. Whether you are looking to achieve a traditional or a contemporary look, you’ll be sure to find a sectional garage door with the perfect aesthetics for you.

You find sectional garage doors in a wide range of colours and can also buy models with wood effect finishes for a truly classic look, or high-end sectional doors with ultra modern stainless steel detailing to achieve a sleek contemporary look.