A beautiful home is a joy to live in, so having your property looking exactly as you want it can bring benefits to all areas of your life. It may be, however, that you don’t have the time to remodel or renovate all of your property at once, or that your home remodeling program will by necessity have to be done in a series of stages. With that in mind, here’s a guide to three areas of your property where redesigning can have a major impact, making them a great place to begin when you’re thinking about re-invigorating your home.


Your bathroom is one of the most important areas of a house, and it can be so much more than simply the place where you shower before rushing into work. With the right design, it can be the area of your home that’s dedicated to relaxation, a place where you can lie back in the water and simply let your mind drift away. The bathroom and restroom are also an area that guests to your home are likely to visit, so giving it a bold new design gives you a great chance to impress them. Black and white is a classic and enduring combination for bathroom design, but shades of blue and yellow can be particularly effective here, especially duck egg blue.

 3 Design Areas To Transform in Your Property


The kitchen is another hugely important area of the home, as it’s the heart and soulof your property. It’s a place where you prepare and cook nutritious food to share with those you love most, and it can also be a hub of conversation and a daily meeting place. Adding a breakfast bar is a great way to encourage this and opting for an open-plan kitchen that leads out into the dining area is sure to make a striking impression on dinner party guests. This also allows the person cooking the meal to feel part of the conversation taking place in the next room, rather than being sidelined from the avenues of communication.

 3 Design Areas To Transform in Your Property

Landscape And Gardening

When thinking about the design of your home, it’s vitally important that you consider the exterior as well as the interior. The two should complement each other, so if you have a minimalist interior then this should be reflected in the garden and landscape. You can also use flowers and features of the garden to mirror color schemes which predominate within the home. This is an area that can give stunning results, which is why it can be a smart move to hire Architectural Landscape Design, the experts in transforming landscapes large and small. They’ll work alongside you to ensure that you have a landscape to be proud of, creating custom designs that make your property stand out from the neighbors.

A beautifully designed and realized landscape is the perfect introduction to any property, and when combined with a soulful kitchen and relaxing bathroom, it creates a home that you’ll love spending time in. Every area of the home can benefit from periodic design updates and renovation, but these three key areas will make an ideal start to your home remodeling.