It’s widely agreed that the kitchen is the hub and the heart of any home. From making breakfast to grabbing a glass of water before bed, the kitchen is a highly used room day in, day out. This high traffic does, unfortunately, lead to this crucial area of the house looking tired and worn pretty quickly. While kitchen renovations can be costly, they are also a great way to inject some much-needed personality and freshness into a well-loved room. For those starting from scratch with their renovation, how do you decide on the best look and feel? In the following article, we will discuss three themes you can apply to your kitchen.  

Rustic Chic

Lovers of warm, cozy rooms will be enamored by this style. The rustic style takes its inspiration from vintage, countryside cottages, and is made not only for coziness but for practicality too. Rustic kitchens feature key pieces like a range cooker (AGA ranges are a very famous example), include warm earthy tones, items like a dresser to display items and a large farmhouse-inspired table and chairs. If you’re looking to incorporate this style into your kitchen renovation, think about the details; striped fabrics on the seating of the chairs and additional features like bunting and vintage tableware displayed in the dresser.

 Themed Kitchen Renovation 101

Modern & Minimalist

For those who prefer a sleeker and less cluttered kitchen, the modern and minimalist style would be ideal. This particular type of kitchen focuses on clean lines, less decorative touches, and typically monochrome design. High gloss finishes in a modern and minimalist kitchen add a touch of elegance to the cabinets and worktops and provide a focal point if the color palette is otherwise pared back. Studio Haus, for example, provide a range of contemporary cabinets which would fit the modern style perfectly. The minimalist kitchen is a direct contrast of the rustic kitchen, which focuses on kitsch décor pieces and displaying much-loved items. Minimalist kitchens instead focus on clever storage hacks and keeping the sides clean and clutter-free. In some cases, this even extends to keeping cabinets as streamlined as possible by not featuring handles. Instead, how to open the cabinets is hidden away from sight.

 Themed Kitchen Renovation 101

High Tech

The digital era has brought about some incredible technological advances, so this style is ideal for homeowners who can’t live without their apps and devices. A high tech kitchen focuses on time-saving tools and tech pieces which makes cooking and spending time in the kitchen even more enjoyable. These could include incorporating materials such as stainless steels and glass and adding devices such as smart appliances. The range of smart appliances now available on the market is growing daily and has vastly improved since the first microwave was invented. You can now purchase coffee makers which you can control from your smartphone, smart fridges which feature a WiFi-enabled LCD screen to display recipes as you cook or give you the option of watching TV while waiting for your food, and smart slow cookers you can control via an app, wherever you may be.