It is said that architectural critic can be compared with a shaman, bearing in mind that initially, the understanding of the quality of a project comes intuitively, and only after that it is rationalized on paper. The development of intuition and the artistic taste is not easy. But you can master the tools for turning your feelings into text quickly enough if you use competent guidance. However, it happens that when immersing deeper in architecture there is not enough time and energy to write academic papers, than WritingCheap can help, where any essay will be written by professionals in the field. In our article, in turn, you will read what you should include in your essay when you write about architecture.

To get started, find out the history of the building. Assessing a skyscraper without knowing the past will be extremely difficult. Include spatial parameters in the first paragraphs. What image do you want to start the text with? Where do you place the reader in relation to the building? Choose your own path. Will you lead the reader through the space from the inside out or vice versa? Will you focus on the figure of the architect or his/her work? Know how to choose.

 What to Include in the Essay if you are an Architecture Student

View the building in its surroundings from different perspectives. Is the building part of a territory development plan? What place does it occupy in this regard? Are there any buildings with similar functions nearby or is it isolated? What role can a building play in the urban narrative? What is the strength and style of this particular building? Use free associations to convey this image to the reader, let him/her take a trip.

Criticism works better, and an essay looks prettier when the student clearly presents the result. Identify recently held or ongoing preservation disputes. Identify those interested in the decision to preserve, reconstruct, or demolish the building. Thus, on the basis of a sensor-oriented approach and reflection, a simple, accessible structure for assessing the building and its contexts is created, and the essay becomes interesting to read.