Gamblingis a huge global industry and brings in around $450 billion dollars revenue each year. In such a large market, competition is fierce. Land-based casinos now have increased competition from the growing number of online casino operators, who offer players the same great games but from the comfort of their own homes.

In order to maintain their edge, land-based gambling outlets continue to update their building with eye-catching design and luxurious styling. Some casinos, such as The Bellagio in Las Vegas are considered to be some of the world’s best architectural masterpieces.

Here are just five of the world’s top casinos that have utilized impressive design in order to attract high volumes of customers:

Hard Rock Casino, New Jersey USA

For those looking for an all-round Atlantic City casino experience, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is the place to visit. New Jersey has a blossoming relationship, making it the perfect place to for a Hard Rock casino to set up. However, increasing numbers of people opting to play at an NJ online casino, rather than visiting a venue in the old fashioned sense, to combat this, the Hard Rock Casino has had to pull out all of the stops to attract locals and tourists alike. 

Hard Rock Casino is located in the heart of Atlantic City, with useful transport links and beautiful ocean views. The casino sits within an expansive entertainment destination, set on over 17 acres of land.  Its design has been carefully planned out to ensure that it complements the legendary Hard Rock brand, with contemporary artwork that elevates its rock ‘n’ roll vibe. The hotel building was given a new facade in 2018 with wooden panelling and colour changing lights. These wooden panels represent the wooden guitars and other instruments popular on the rock music scene. 

The gaming floor is home to 120 table games and over 2100 slot machines. Custom made chandeliers and glass columns add to the flash, eccentric feel of this impressive venue.

 Casinos Around The World Which Will Take Your Breath Away

Adelaide Casino, Adelaide Australia

Situated inside a large historic railway station, the original casino’s exterior gave away no clues about the contemporary, glamorous design of it’s modern interior.

Adelaide Casino is located on the banks of the River Torrens in the heart of Adelaide and is Southern Australia’s only licenced casino. The $330 million dollar construction project for this venue commenced in June 2018 and integrated a new gaming space, a 123 room hotel and selection of bars, a restaurant and function space with the original listed railway building. 

It’s most impressive interior feature is its collection of oversized chandelier light fittings, that give off a dazzling orange glow and add to the venue’s luxury feel. There are two floors of gaming machines, a selection of gaming tables and an exclusive poker zone and VIP area.

The Ritz Club, London UK

In the heart of London’s Piccadilly Square is the exclusive and world famous Ritz Club. While it was recently announced that this club will be shutting its doors, it is sure to be fondly remembered as one of the world’s most prestigious gambling locations.

The Ritz Club in Piccadilly Square was a private members club and consisted of a main gaming floor and several private rooms. All rooms had an elegant theme with ruby red carpeting and gold details throughout. Tables included Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Baccarat. 

The traditional club bar was fitted out with dark oak panelling and high-top seats. This alongside its list of fine wines, champagnes and whiskeys, as well as its top quality fine dining menu, is what gave it an exclusive british vibe. 

 Casinos Around The World Which Will Take Your Breath Away

The Bellagio, Las Vegas USA

This next casino has featured in many gambling themed movies and is one of the largest and most prestigious entertainment venues in the world. 

The Bellagio’s outside space is itself a popular destination for tourists to visit, with a dramatic fountain that hosts aquatic shows with choreographed light displays and music. The casino is over 122,000 square feet and is just one small part of an expansive complex containing over 3,000 hotel rooms, 15 retail outlets, a lake, gallery and numerous office spaces. Within the casino there is a poker room containing 40 tables, with popular games including blackjack, roulette and keno. 

The Bellegio is inspired by an Italian town with the same name and has an elegant yet glitzy design. One interesting fact about this casino is that there is not a single clock on any of its walls. This is to discourage players from keeping an eye on the time and helps them to fully immersive themselves within the gambling experience. 

Many people visit Las Vegas for the sole purpose of enjoying its casinos. This location is the heart of the global gambling scene and actively encourages tourists to come and enjoy this pursuit. Vegas’ casinos use up over 1,600 MW of electricity per day, that’s the equivalent power usage of over 68,000 suburban homes!

Sun City Resort, Rustenberg South Africa

Sun City in South Africa offers a truly unique experience. The casino is set within a complex containing a exotic wildlife safari park. Also included is a club, concert space, cinema, shopping district and four hotels. 

Within the Jungle Casino there are 250 slot machines to enjoy. There is also the Sun City Hotel Casino that offers 330 slot machines, as well as Blackjack, American Roulette, Poker and Punto Banco. Sun City even offers a School of Gaming to help new and inexperienced players to learn the ropes.

Sun City is described as a mix between Disneyland and the Thousand and One Nights, due to is exotic feel and extravagant rooms. It offers the glamour and party spirit of Las Vegas within South African safari lands.

These five venues are just a few examples of casinos around the world that will take your breath away. While online casinos may offer convenience and quick game play, land based venues are unbeatable for their all around entertainment and luxury offering.