Vintage is an interior design trend here to stay — especially for 58% of millenials who now prefer vintage pieces for their stylish yet sustainable benefits. Although antiques are a perfect addition in any home, vintage interiors can, however, be challenging to get right. Fortunately, with some thoughtful planning and design, you can strike a perfect balance between modern and old styles and create a truly unique and stylish home. Check out for more vintage pieces ideas.

Use antiques as a focal point

Offering beauty and authenticity, classic antiques are a must in any vintage-inspired home. It’s essential, however, to choose antiques in fairly good (or better) condition; anything too shabby or discolored will simply end up detracting from your design. A good way to judge the authenticity of an antique is by assessing its weight. Heaviness typically indicates the item is made out of real, natural materials and likely isn’t a modern, mass-produced piece. Once you have your antiques, work on making them the focal point of your space — the standout piece around which you build the rest of your design. Furniture, in particular, can often easily be used as a focal point. For example, an antique chair, ornate bed frame, or vintage dining table will immediately elucidate the function of any room and set the tone for its overall design. Alternatively, vintage rugs, wall art, or mirrors can also work as stunning focal points.

 Simple Design Ideas To Create A Vintage-Inspired Home

Opt for vintage-inspired details

Incorporating items with vintage-inspired details will balance out your traditional antiques and prevent your space from feeling too old fashioned. For example, vintage perfume bottles often feature floral designs and artistic shapes that can add decorative beauty to any room. Art deco bottles, in particular, are typically more modern in design and feature attractive sharp, geometric angles like prisms, hexagons, and zigzags. You could also include trinkets or ornaments that blend modern and vintage styles together. For example, a piece that combines ornate details with a modern finish or colors can bring the old and new together, resulting in a warm yet polished feel.

 Simple Design Ideas To Create A Vintage-Inspired Home

Add vintage colors and patterns

Making the most of the right colors and patterns can really help you nail the vintage aesthetic. Usually, the vintage color palette focuses on lighter shades with creamy white being a particular staple. Secondary shades of violet, lavender, pastel yellow, mint, or moss green can also be injected here and there to add vibrancy. However, your chosen vintage color palette really depends on your tastes and doesn’t have to follow any rules. Additionally, incorporating pretty patterns like florals, botanicals, or paisley prints can further enhance the vintage feel and help your home feel warm and welcoming.

When done right, vintage interior design effectively harkens back to the past and evokes a feeling of nostalgia without being overly old-fashioned or tired. By using antiques as a focal point, incorporating vintage-inspired details, and using vintage colors and patterns, you can create the perfect vintage-inspired look in your home.