A living room is a place where you go to relax and unwind. As one of the most integral spaces in the home, you should spend a lot of time making this room perfect for you. However, there are just so many options available that it can become quite overwhelming to choose the right furniture pieces.

Do you want to go with wood living room furniture, metals, fabric or other options?

Once you choose the optimal material for your space, it’s time to begin planning the rest of the area out.

We’ve outlined a few of the key ways that you can confidently choose the furniture that you love. We’ll answer how to choose furniture for living rooms of all shapes and sizes by the end of this article.

How to Choose Furniture for Living Rooms

Decide on the style

Furniture styles are evolving, and we’re seeing a lot of spaces with the following style options:

Modern: A sleek and clean style, modern living rooms often boast wooden furniture with neutral tones. Glass can be used for tabletops, and solid fabrics are common.

Traditional. Formal and elegant, traditional furniture often includes ornate details and comes in a wide variety of color options. Oak, maple and other woods are used in these heavy, long-lasting furniture pieces.

Old World. Upscale and beautiful are two words that explain what you can expect from the Old World furniture style. This furniture often comes from Italy, France and Spain, and it is an excellent option for open spaces.

Of course, these are just recommendations and not set in stone. You should choose a furniture style that you think best fits into your home and space.

Planning your living area

Planning your space should be the first, or second, thing that you do. Interior designers spend a lot of time planning out living rooms to ensure that they’re both functional and beautiful. A few of the things to consider when planning your space are:

  •         First, create a floor plan on paper to visualize the space.
  •         Next, measure the space accordingly to match the room’s size.
  •         Also, measure the height clearance for tighter spaces.
  •         Finally, measure the doorways to make sure that assembled furniture can fit.

Large furniture will look out of place when you have a smaller space. Additionally, small furniture looks odd in massive living rooms. You ought to take all of these factors into account during the planning process.

Staging your room is an option that will really allow you to visualize your furniture.

However, without the furniture pieces already, staging may seem difficult. Thankfully, you can take a moment to tape off the basic size and shape of the furniture on the floor.

 Close-up of sofa, rug, coffee table and armchair in a living room

Choose sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs are going to be, for most living rooms, the largest furniture piece in the space. You’ll need to decide on a configuration that maximizes your space and works off the size and shape of the room.

For example, you can choose a corner sofa that will fit perfectly in a smaller room and is an excellent option if you have a larger window.

Right angle sofas can also be a good option because they maximize floor space, eliminate bare areas and are a good option for socialization. Also, with the right setup, it will be easy to hold a conversation with a group of friends or even watch television.

If you want a formal feel in the space, face two sofas towards each other.

Adding accents

Finally, you’ll need to choose accents for your furniture.

What are accents?

An accent fills in blank spaces in a room that can make it feel uninviting. Once you have all of your furniture pieces in place and learn how to choose color for furniture pieces, you can then fill in these spaces with:

  •         Tables
  •         Benches
  •         Plants
  •         Other furniture pieces

You can also use accents to make a room “pop.” Choosing a quirky style or furniture design will make a certain accent stand out and bring life to a room.

Once you know how to choose furniture for a living room, it’s easier to go through your entire home and begin designing your space. There are an array of options and furniture styles that will fit into every budget.