Mixed-media artist Chris Cheung, also knowns as h0nh1m, has teamed up with NikeLab to conceived VaporScape, an interactive soundscape installation to celebrates the new VaporMax technology. 

Vaporization is about the changing of state, thus turning liquid to vapor where it occurs in our body. We breath; we sweat; heartbeats hit and blood flows. That’s how the internal circulation work and regular the body temperature. The heat evaporates through sweating hence for the result. Our body work like an orchestra, the micro sounds are amazing.

VaporScape is an interactive ambience sound installation that contains 4 layers of sound. It detects the humidity of the room, temperature on audience’s skin and translate the vaporization rate into the sound modulation. It emphasis the biomechanics process of human body and embodied the generative soundscape self-containing in a vaporized atmosphere.

VaporScape is part of NikeLab’s The Vision-Airs project, an exhibition currently hosted at Hong Kong Art Central for Art Basel Hong Kong 2017, that celebrate the rebirth of Nike Air on the new Air Vapormax sneaker.


h0nh1m X NikeLab VaporScape h0nh1m X NikeLab VaporScape h0nh1m X NikeLab VaporScape h0nh1m X NikeLab VaporScape

all images and video courtesy of h0nh1m