To commemorate its 70th anniversary, LG will unveil a large-scale light art installation during 2017 Milan Design Week conceived in collaboration with Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka. Titled S.F_Senses of the Future and hosted at Superstudio Piu, the display will mark LG’s debut at Milano Design Week and is intended to highlight the brand’s longstanding passion for design and innovation.

On the cusp of its 70th anniversary, LG is charting a new course by embracing design that focuses on the user experience. As part of this initiative, LG is partnering with world-renowned designer Tokujin Yoshioka, known for his use of groundbreaking experimental techniques to reflect the beauty of nature and the complexity of the human senses. LG’s design philosophy is rooted in the belief that the pursuit of innovative technology and design must be centered on the human experience. Only then is it possible to realize a vision for the future filled with excitement and imagination.

 Tokujin Yoshioka x LG S.F_Senses of the Future

Through the S.F_Senses of the Future exhibition, LG and Yoshioka hope to communicate their respective optimism for humanity’s future and impart a lasting impression with an immersive experience utilizing lights and everyday objects.

“When we were children, we freely imagined the future and we sensed our destinies in our dreams. S.F_Senses of the Future is an expression of science fiction, technology, space and life highlighting the state of LG’s technology,” explained Yoshioka. “The installation is a poetic phenomenon that can only be described as a tapestry of light – a truly futuristic dimension which confounds and transcends the human senses.”

 Tokujin Yoshioka x LG S.F_Senses of the Future

“We are very excited for this opportunity to collaborate with Tokujin Yoshioka and to take part in the largest celebration of design in the world,” added Noh Chang-ho, head of corporate design for LG Electronics. “The marriage between cutting-edge technologies from LG and Tokujin Yoshioka’s design perfectly expresses LG’s human-centered design philosophy and our commitment to delivering on our promise of innovation for a better life. We hope that many visitors have the pleasure of experiencing the immersiveness of S.F_Senses of the Future.”

 Tokujin Yoshioka x LG S.F_Senses of the Future

The exhibition will be illuminated by the ‘WALL OF THE SUN’, a vast mural of light that enhances LG’s innovative OLED technology. With 30,000 OLED origins, the mural mimics an actual solar flare, glimmering, bouncing and reflecting across the entire exhibition space. The illuminating installation will provide a truly mystical experience that brings visitors closer to the wonders of our world.

The S.F_Senses of the Future exhibit will be on display at Superstudio Più throughout the 2017 Milan Design Week, which runs from from april 4th to 9th.



all images courtesy of LG