Supernova is an emotional monument and place of encounters conceived by Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt of Miami-based R & R Studios for the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival 2018.

The installation is a twelve point forty feet tall polychromatic star, an explosion of light and color celebrating music, art and the future of everyone together at the green in Coachella.

 Supernova Installation By R & R Studios At Coachella

The origin of Supernova is in the sky, the idea of hope and the world of tomorrow – the project doubles as a low-tech satellite simultaneously capturing and beaming good vibes to the world. The radiant star defines a circular magnetic field performing as a social meeting space at the main field of Coachella.

 Supernova Installation By R & R Studios At Coachella

R & R Studios installation’s brightness is made of a constellation of thirteen stars: a single multidirectional star made of twelve stars each facing a different direction. Supernova is like a shooting star, a temporary streak of light to navigate our time and guides to new adventures,” explains the design team. it is a mirage that we can touch, an instant landmark to Wish Upon a Star. An unforgettable luminous symbol of a new world of possibilities for all.”

Supernova has been on display during this year’s Coachella festival alongside other installation such as the Tresoldi’ wire mesh cathedrals and the colorful seven-story Spectra pavilion by NEWSUBSTANCE.

 Supernova Installation By R & R Studios At Coachella