New York-based design studio Snarkitecture has unveiled its new permanent exhibition space, Snark Park, at the grand opening of Hudson Yards last week with its inaugural installation Lost and Found. The space is conceived of as contemporary enchanted forest — a labyrinth of ninety massive, occupiable columns, some of which are large enough to fully enter while many offer unique audible, visual, and tactile experiences. 

 Snark Park, New York, USA / Snarkitecture

Snarkitecture’s monochromatic landscape will challenge visitors to reconsider the everyday through changes in material and perspective. A series of totems will line the space, many of them inhabitable and built with custom materials that pull from Snarkitecture’s material archive – EPS foam, mirror tile, acoustic paneling, cork, latex, ping-pong balls, faux fur, among others – many of which reference the studio’s past projects.

As part of the exhibition experience, Snarkitecture has collaborated with Polish electroacoustic musician Jacaszek on exclusive sound for the installation. The design studio plans to incorporate new music with each exhibition going forward. The space will feature a rotating installation programme, set to change approximately every four months. “For us to be able to have this playground and laboratory to be able to test things, to incubate ideas from the studio in a real-life scenario is unique,” said Snarkitecture partner Alex Mustonen.

 Snark Park, New York, USA / Snarkitecture

Lost and Found will remain on view until August 2019. Timed and dated tickets are available to book online, while a few will be reserved for walk-ups. “This is the inaugural project, so we’re just getting into what the possibilities of the space are,” Mustonen said. “We’re excited to see how this version and this project is experienced and how people interact with it.”

Snark Park also includes a public-facing retail area that sells objects and merchandise designed by the studio. In partnership with Kith Treats, snacks including a new ice cream flavor are available.

 Snark Park, New York, USA / Snarkitecture