Over the past couple of decades humanity has woken up to the damage we are doing to the environment of this beautiful planet Earth. We know that damage has been done to a great extent, and we know that everything we can do now to prevent further damage must be done. Recycling may be a chore in some ways, but it has become part of our lives, and we now take it for granted. 

There is no doubt that when you look at the figures involved the recycling of disposable products does have a helpful effect on the situation. Anything that can be reused is, and come items are repurposed in other ways. That brings us neatly to the subject, which is a collection of rather unique artworks created by a collection of artists working under the banner ‘Art & Action’. 

What does it have to do with vaping? Well, the artworks in question were created using disposable vape pens, actually rejects supplied by a manufacturer – Jupiter Research – who gave the artists 45,000 vape pens to work with. The simple fact is that most disposable vape products cannot be recycled as plants in the USA are not equipped to deal with them.

A Dozen Artists

Reports about the project suggest that a dozen artists took place, each creating an artwork that featured the humble vape pen – just like the one you may use – as its building block. The results are both startling and amusing, as well as being surprisingly beautiful. From spiral sculptures to a dress, plus a lamp base and many more innovative designs, the project has garnered a lot of press and showcases the ingenious ways in which artists can turn everyday products into something attractive and original.

Shira Lane, a spokesperson and CEO of The Atrium, an organization involved in promoting sustainability, explained the purpose of the exhibition:

“The purpose of the exhibit was to draw awareness to the large waste issue created by the cannabis industry and why we can and should act now to change course. Vape pens, labelled as disposable, are not disposable at all. Legally [depending on material and residue], they can’t be thrown in the trash or recycled. We’ve created a community of artists and activists dedicated to the pursuit of a zero-waste future for the cannabis industry.”

“Through the art, the exhibit brought together in the form of a panel the siloed stakeholders within industries to talk, educate each other, and create actionable solutions, because disposable vape pens and cartridges are flooding the market, and with them an enormous amount of post-consumer waste.”

 Art & Action to Reduce Waste on Disposable Vape 

Fast-Growing Industry

With little sign of the growth of the vaping market in the USA slowing down Lane, and others who back her stance, clearly has a point. Many people have no idea how to safely dispose of vaping products, but the blame for this cannot be laid at the foot of the consumer. Indeed, Jupiter Research is actively involved in the design of products that will have disposable parts, and others that can be recycled for future use. This should reduce the burden on the vaping industry which we should not forget is relatively new to the market.

Advice from the US Environmental Agency is that when disposing of vape pens, care and advice should be taken on how to properly dispose of the batteries and other parts which might be considered harmful waste. Meanwhile, enjoy your vaping as you have always done, responsibly and legally, and make sure you keep up with the latest developments in disposable products.