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Beat the Winter Chills With These 5 Cozy Must-Haves

Beat the Winter Chills With These 5 Cozy Must-Haves

When it’s time to come in out of the cold, there’s nothing more inviting than cozy blankets and hot cocoa to welcome you home. Chase winter’s chill with some of the ideas below and keep yourself warm from head to toe with style and function. This winter, snuggle up with one of these warm must-haves and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Socks and Slippers

When your feet are cold, your whole body feels cold. Slide those chilly toes into warm fuzzy socks or slippers. Choose materials that are conducive to trapping heat, like sheepskin or fleece, and pay attention to the thickness for best results.

Slippers are no longer just for your grandmother. Form meets function as the slipper evolves to provide arch-support while others feature traction soles for wearing outside. Choose from non-slip, flip-flop, boot, or close-toed styles and consider more than one pair for different slipper-related journeys. For example, sheepskin slippers with memory foam envelope your feet in toasty comfort for trips to the kitchen for cocoa.

Cozy Blankets

Blankets are usually the go-to item to get warm in a hurry. Use blankets with ample thickness to trap heat and materials made for cold environments. Fleece or cotton blankets do the job well, but thicknesses can vary, or wool might seem heavy. Instead, have several thinner blankets on hand and layer as needed. Reversible and heated blankets also fight off winter cold although care should be taken when using electric blankets.

 Beat the Winter Chills With These 5 Cozy Must-Haves

Large Mugs

Great big mugs are perfect for sipping hot soup or coffee. Fill them with a thick, steamy soup or broth to beat the chill, or fix hot cocoa with marshmallows to walk down memory lane and warm your soul. Pick a mug that’s big enough to wrap your hands around and relish the coursing warmth.

Scarfs and Onesies

Winter is the perfect season to get thick, warm scarves out of storage. Wrap a scarf around your neck, or if it’s long enough, fashion a hood to trap body heat and keep you toasty. Or, go head-to-toe and get a fleece onesie, maybe one that matches your slippers.

Curtains and Timers

Open curtains for natural light and to let the sun do its best to warm you from the outside in. Invest in a thermostat you can program to adjust the temperature according to your schedule. If you arrive home by 6 p.m. every day, set your thermostat to start warming the house before you get there. Program the thermostat to lower the temperature at night to encourage deep, restful sleep.

Keep a few of these items handy to warm you up and banish winter blues before you know it. The temperature outside might be cold and blustery, but inside your home, warmth is everywhere and calling. Make a large mug of cocoa and slide on a pair of warm socks or slippers then duck under a warm blanket and relax. You’re home and baby, it’s warm inside.