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Black Hole Lamp by Curve ID

Curve ID

Inspired by one of the most fascinating phenomenon in the universe, designers at New York consultancy and design firm Curve ID have conceived the Black Hole Lamp. A popular depiction of a black hole is an unseen force of nature drawing light down to a single point in space. Using this analogy, the Black Hole Lamp designed by Dario Narvaez and Anthony Baxter controls the intensity of the light being emitted by creating a funnel from which the light cannot escape.

In the ‘on’ position the reflective disc of material is fully illuminated, but as the flexible material is drawn back towards the center of the black hole, the light gets dimmer until it eventually disappears. The ‘Black Hole Lamp’ is effectively dimming the light as it changes shape, in the same way a black hole draws in light and matter by altering the fabric of space.


The full illuminated disc represents a living star. As the disc is stretched backwards, the light dims just like the process of a dying star until it no longer emits light and is devoured by a black hole.

The Balck Hole Lamp has won one of the world’s largest international lighting competitions, L A M P – Light Architecture Movement Project. This year’s theme for the competition was Cosmic, and out of 132 worldwide submissions, the ‘Black Hole Lamp’ stands out as an elegant interactive idea focused on the perception of a black hole.

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all images courtesy of Curve ID