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Bring your Favourite Places Into Your Home with the Right Decor

Bring your Favourite Places into your Home with the Right Decor

With travel opportunities limited to the nearest area due to the restrictions currently imposed by most countries, the second best thing any travel lover can do in this situation is bringing their favourite places from around the world right into the interior design of their home. With the right decorations, you can experience the atmosphere of your chosen destination to holiday without even leaving the building. While it may not be as exciting as actually seeing all those beautiful sights in person, it’s a great way to transform a dull living room into your own haven to relax and unwind.

Travel through art

One of the best things about travelling is experiencing new things, immersing yourself in a culture that is completely unlike your own. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to try local food or meet new people without actually going abroad, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying art. If you have art pieces that you’ve bought on your trips in the past, use them to create your own art gallery by hanging them on the walls. But don’t worry if you don’t own any yet. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find paintings with landscapes or ethnic motifs from various cultures from all over the world, for example, these beautiful African canvas paintings from Bimago that will completely transform your entire living space!

 Bring your Favourite Places into your Home with the Right Decor

Add a view to your room

The view behind the window can be an equally important part of your interior design as the furniture and decorations inside. But if you’re not one of the fortunate people who can enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature by simply looking through the window, you need to rely on other solutions to create your own view. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult nor expensive. Adding a wall mural to your living room or bedroom is quick, easy and cost-effective, but offers incredible results thanks to their high quality and realistic designs.

Surround yourself with memories

Memories can be a powerful tool that can take you back in time and bring back all the excitement and happiness of travelling. Instead of focusing on the fact that you had to cancel your plans, think about all the things you’ve already experienced and add them to the design of your home. How can you use memories to decorate? Showcase pictures of places you’ve visited and souvenirs that remind you of them or choose a map in the size and style that suits your needs and personalise it by highlighting your favourite routes or marking the countries you’ve been to. There are no right or wrong options here, so you can get creative.

 Bring your Favourite Places into your Home with the Right Decor

Replicate the atmosphere of your favourite location

Whether it’s the red telephone box of London, the whites and blues of Santorini, the lavender of Provence or the tulips of the Netherlands, some sights are instantly recognizable even to people who have never visited them. Think about your favourite places, their most distinctive features and colours that are typically associated with them. By implementing them around your house, you can achieve an effect that will instantly transport you to the location you dream of visiting.

Don’t be afraid to display your hobbies and personality in your home decor! After all, it’s your personal space that should be designed with your own needs in mind, and its comfort has never been more important than it is right now. Give your home a makeover and surround yourself with travel-themed decor that will fulfil your wanderlust!