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Can an Outdoor Car Cover Be Used Indoors?

Can an Outdoor Car Cover Be Used Indoors?


You want what’s best for your car. Whether storing it inside or outside, explore the differences between the best outdoor car covers and the best indoor car covers. While you can use an outdoor cover for indoor storage, it’s best to use the cover that’s specialized for your particular use. Store your car confidently and add a quality car cover to your list of affordable automotive protective items.

Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Car Covers

Indoor and outdoor car covers like Coverland Car Covers have their particular importance. However, an indoor car cover is ideal for indoor storage for a number of reasons. Indoor covers are primarily designed to protect against light dust and moisture issues. If you’re parking your vehicle in an area where you work and walk around your vehicle, it’s best to be careful. Simply throw a fitted cover over it and you won’t have to worry about cleaning small dust spots in between normal wash routines.

Covers designed for indoor use are also more breathable than outdoor covers. This means that an outdoor cover inside your garage may not allow enough moisture to leave your car, which can increase the risk of mildew or other issues. Review the steps for cleaning your indoor cover to avoid it becoming damaged or covered with dirt on its interior.

Outdoor covers are designed with multiple layers to protect against rain, snow, UV rays and light falling debris. Don’t choose a single-layer outdoor cover, as this is unlikely to have the soft inner layer necessary to protect your paint job. Every car cover you use should have a layer of cotton or other soft material to avoid scratching your paint as you fit the cover on your vehicle.

These tough covers are still breathable, but not as much as indoor covers. You’ll still want to choose a custom-fit cover to prevent stretching the material or creating a loose it. Read Noah car cover review information online to learn more about a leading style of outdoor car covers.

Some outdoor cover materials are surprisingly tough to avoid scratches and scrapes from tree branches. Other covers are suited for heavy rain storms and other intense moisture situations. Make sure your outdoor cover is water resistant, rather than fully waterproof. A waterproof cover doesn’t allow your vehicle to breathe properly.

 Can an Outdoor Car Cover Be Used Indoors?

How To Choose the Right Car Cover

There is no such thing as a perfect cover for every storage situation. Whether you use an indoor cover, outdoor cover or car storage bag depends on where you’re planning on parking your car. You’ll also need to determine how long your car will be parked. Covers work best for short-term parking situations, but if you’re planning to park a classic car for weeks or months at a time, it’s best to choose a more thorough storage solution. Car bubbles and storage bags work best for these situations.

Shop online to enjoy great deals on indoor and outdoor covers. Carefully review the pros and cons of each, then compare different materials and designs for your chosen type. Online shopping makes it easy to match your chosen car cover with your make and model of vehicle for a convenient fit and professional protection.