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How to Create a Beautiful New Home

How to Create a Beautiful New Home

Fraher Architects

It can often take time to adjust to a new home, as it may take weeks or months to unload boxes, clean and organize your belongings. Once all the hard work is done and dusted, you can then focus on the aesthetics of your home. We are therefore providing some helpful advice on how to create a beautiful interior.

Declutter – Many people will purchase decorative accessories before they move into an apartment or house, only to discover the items do not complement their interior. For example, you may have too many photo frames, lamps or bulky furniture. We advise you to take a good look at your belongings to identify what you do and do not need. You should remove any items taking up space, which you can either place in the trash, donate or store away. For example, you could store furniture and belongings in an affordable storage unit. Search and reserve a unit in your state on Self Storage Finders.
 How to Create a Beautiful New Home© Studio Alexander Fehre


Pick a Colour Theme – A room’s colour theme can make or break your interior. Avoid dark colours in small rooms, which will make it appear cramped. You should also select complementary colours, such as grey and yellow, or select contrasting hues that work well together, such as pastel shades. Don’t forget to integrate the colour theme into your cushions, throws, curtains and accessories.


An Inviting Aroma – A home’s smell is often the first thing a guest will notice, so it is important to create a beautiful smelling home that complements your interior. You can create a fresh aroma by opening windows, burning candles and spraying air fresheners.
 How to Create a Beautiful New Home© Ibrahim Ozbunar


Add Some Personality – Try to put a personal stamp on a property to make a house become a home. From integrating your hobbies into the design to putting your beloved keepsakes on display, you can express your personality into your interior to create an environment that welcomes you home each day. For example, if you knit, create a throw to drape across your sofa or sit at the end of your bed. Additionally, if photography is a keen hobby of yours, place your best and favorite photos over key features such as a fireplace.
 How to Create a Beautiful New Home© Fran Parente


Add Flowers – You do not have to wait for someone to buy you flowers. There is no reason why you cannot treat yourself to a beautiful floral display to spruce up your new home. You can buy different flowers each week to add some colour and life into your design, which you can add to your living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom.
The flowers will become a focal point in any room. What’s more, flowers have also been proven to reduce depression, increase a person’s memory and improve social interaction. So, they may help you to feel more relaxed in your new surroundings.
 How to Create a Beautiful New Home© DPAW

It may take time to create a house that makes you feel at home. The above tips can, therefore,be the perfect way to create an interior that will stand out in visitors’ minds for all the right reasons. So, try to create a warm, personal and clutter-free space that makes you feel good and improves your property’s aesthetics.

 How to Create a Beautiful New Home© Nick Rochowski Photography