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Creative Ideas for Creating the Perfect Feature Wall in Your Home

Creative Ideas for Creating the Perfect Feature Wall in Your Home

A feature wall is a perfect addition to a home – it adds interest and makes a statement to any room. This design trick is all about embellishing a blank wall with bold colours, unusual textures, treasured mementos, or a powerful print. And because you’re decorating one wall, you can add lots of style to any room without making it look or feel too busy. Here are 7 creative feature wall ideas to inspire you.

1. A bold paint shade

Sometimes all you require to liven up your home is a fresh coat of paint. But before you buy paints online and pick up your paintbrush, you need to know what colour(s) is right for your space. A soft paint colour can shift the attention to the furniture pieces while a brighter one will turn the wall into a focal point. Most importantly, go for a colour that works perfectly with the other colours in the room to avoid overwhelming the space or creating confusion.

 Creative Ideas for Creating the Perfect Feature Wall in Your Home

Nothing adds colour and personality quite like gallery walls. There are also no rules with a gallery wall but there are always some great templates and pointers to be found, like the ultimate guide to painting a feature wall. You can use everything from photos to plants to drawings to paintings to mirrors to create character and interest on the wall.

3. Hang wallpaper

A colourful wallpaper with a design that complements your furnishings is a surefire to draw attention. Choose a fun paper or pattern that mimics natural textures (such as wood graining or marble) for a layered, clean look. If you aren’t ready to commit, begin with a removable or temporary wallpaper, which can be swapped out as needed.

 Creative Ideas for Creating the Perfect Feature Wall in Your Home

4. Statement mirror

The reflective characteristic of mirrors offers an illusion of a larger space, making it a fabulous option for smaller spaces pursuing a lavish or luxurious ambience. Go for a mirror with fun or bold shape that will make it feel or look like a piece of wall sculpture – that is also functional.

5. Wall mural

This design will give you something elegant and captivating as wallpaper or art. Think of a mural as a larger piece of art that is cheaper since you don’t have to frame it. A nature or garden mural is an excellent way to add texture and richness. The best bit is that it does not have to be permanent and so you can just switch it out, maybe for another wall décor. A creative and eye-catching wall mural can look great paired with some of the best stylish contemporary sofa ideas in a living room. 

6. Large-scale art

Hanging a statement-making piece of art will set the tone in any space and command attention. Keep in mind that the larger the art, the more texture, visual appeal, and texture it will bring to the room. Choose an oversized photograph, a diptych, or painting that matches your décor and furniture. For the best results, hang the substantial wall art piece level and straight. Whether your space is going for a modern look, or  if it has more of a traditional feel, there is always wall art that goes nicely.

There are many do’s and don’ts of decorating a living room that you might have to consider, such as choosing your colours wisely and having a focal point in the room. This is where feature walls with large-scale art are ideal. However, it’s important that whenever you are hanging art pieces or picture frames, ensure that all artwork is at eye level. Hanging items closer to the ceiling is a common mistake to make in decorating.

 Creative Ideas for Creating the Perfect Feature Wall in Your Home

7. Install a wall of tiles

Wall tile is the most durable and versatile option for a feature wall. Since manufacturers can make them look like almost anything, from stone and natural wood to more gorgeous, decorative shapes. So, you are sure to find a wall tile, which suits your style.

The final verdict

We hope this post has helped you figure out what type of feature wall will work best for your home. Just make sure that what you choose is creative, unique, and eye-catching. It also has to accentuate your space instead of detracting it.