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Custom Jigsaw Puzzles: Fun Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles: Fun Ways to Add Character to Your Home

When you get into the phase of decorating your home, the process can be overwhelming. There are countless decor styles you can incorporate and limitless ways you can unleash your creativity. While you can follow several design palettes, you sometimes want something completely unique and unapologetically you.

That’s where jigsaw puzzles come in. Contrary to what you may think, jigsaw puzzles aren’t just reserved for children, nor are they only meant for a family-bonding activity. You can use jigsaw puzzles to decorate your home and truly make it stand out.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re decorating your children’s room, living room, or even your bedroom; here’s how you can use jigsaw puzzles to decorate your home.

Frame your completed puzzles

Are you someone who enjoys putting together those challenging 1,000 pieces puzzles? If yes, doesn’t it break your heart that you have to disassemble it and put it back in the box once you’re done?

Instead of wiping away all your progress and being confused about what you can do after completing a puzzle, you can frame it and hang it somewhere inside your home. In fact, your framed puzzle will look excellent in your living room behind a sofa, a playroom, or even your home office.

Framing complete custom jigsaw puzzles is an excellent way to commemorate the time your family spent to put the puzzle together. You can either get it framed for somewhere else or do it yourself.

Add a puzzle tray

If you love doing puzzles but don’t want to restrict the activity to, suppose, just your living room, you should opt for a puzzle tray instead. This tray involves a simple rectangular board with extra pull-out trays on each end.

These pull-out trays can be used to store your puzzle pieces, whereas you can use the space in the middle to assemble the puzzle. When you’re done making the puzzle, you can simply store the tray in your kitchen or dining room as a decorative piece. 

While doing classic jigsaw puzzles is a lot of fun, sometimes people don’t have the space to play a physical puzzle. Others lack the money to keep buying all the puzzles. These problems can be solved by playing online jigsaw puzzles. One website, Im-a-puzzle.com offers players thousands of jigsaw puzzles. They’re all categorized so you can pick a section like pets, holidays, or cars, and select the perfect picture to complete. If you’d like to print out the finished product, you can hang them up around the house. If you’d rather keep it all virtual, share a link to your own puzzle and compete with family and friends to see who can do it the fastest. 

 Custom Jigsaw Puzzles: Fun Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Create a puzzle table

If you’re looking for a decor idea that’s truly out of the box, you should opt for a puzzle table. Not only does it look unique and attractive, but a puzzle table also serves as an excellent storage space to keep your puzzle safe. A table such as this has a removable top with raised edges for your in-progress puzzles. If you have to use the table for something else, you can simply place the top on the table. 

Use foam puzzles

If you really like the idea of decorating with puzzles but don’t want to limit yourself to traditional jigsaw pieces, you should consider foam puzzles. Not only do foam puzzles serve as a quirky piece of decor, but your kid can actually put it together. 

If you’re looking for something unique, then you can create a picture foam puzzle where your kids have to put together a family photo, for instance. Other than that, you can simply create a colorful puzzle and mix and match different pieces. 

Decorate your fridge through magnet puzzles

A fridge is one of the most unique ways where you can subtly express your personality. Whether assembled or not, these magnetic puzzles add much-needed character to your kitchen and are always fun to look at.

While you can opt for a classic magnetic puzzle that features a picture of scenery, you can also get custom-made magnets using family photographs or images from vacations. These personalized magnets look great and will always provide an incentive to assemble the puzzle quickly. Through such puzzles, you can revisit your favorite memories and have fun at the same time. 

Use puzzles for crafts

If you genuinely want no limits to your creativity, then there are endless ways you can use jigsaw puzzle pieces to create arts and crafts items that you can use as decor. Arts and crafts are an excellent way to use leftover puzzles that don’t have all of their pieces.

There are limitless ways you use puzzle pieces to create crafts, including a wreath for Valentine’s Day or Christmas or even a photo frame that you can keep around the house or gift to someone you love. 

 Custom Jigsaw Puzzles: Fun Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Create a jigsaw puzzle painting 

Here’s another way to use the remaining pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If you enjoy painting and aren’t afraid to express your creativity on the easel, then you can create a masterpiece using jigsaw puzzles.

Simply paint a picture on a canvas and complete a portion of it using jigsaw puzzles. For instance, you can simply paint a picture of a beach and use jigsaw pieces for elements like the sun or the sand. This way, you’re using a combination of puzzles and paint, both creating a three-dimensional piece of art. 

Up your lamp shade game

While this one is easy to pull off, you’d be surprised how much of an element of fun it could add to any room. If you’re tired of your current lamp shade and want to amp things up without getting a new one altogether, you can simply glue on the remaining pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a pattern or randomly on the lampshade.

Not only do you have a lampshade that looks brand new, but you’ve also managed to utilize any leftover puzzle pieces that you thought you’d end up throwing away!

Final Thoughts

When you really put your mind to it, there are so many different ways you can use something as simple as jigsaw puzzle pieces to decorate your house. You should let your creative juices flow and genuinely experiment with anything that comes into your mind!